How Should NFL Players Protest?

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If you are against NFL players kneeling during the anthem, vote up the protest methods you would rather have them use.

After months of scrutiny and a wide range of media opinions and headlines on the subject, NFL owners announced a policy on kneeling during the national anthem on May 23, 2018. The announcement – a response to criticism of NFL players taking a knee during the anthem as a form of protest against policy brutality against people of color – stated players or team personnel who "do not show respect" for the anthem will be fined. At the time of the announcement, the amount of the fines and what precise actions or behaviors constitute not showing "respect" remained unknown. 

The new policy has some asking, though, if there are acceptable or preferred protest alternatives for NFL players. If you're someone who doesn't want NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, how would you like them to demonstrate their concern about police brutality and racial inequality? If you are against NFL players kneeling during the anthem, what modes of protest would you prefer they use?


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    Make TV appearances and discuss the cause.

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    Discuss the issues in post-game interviews.

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    Use their social media to discuss the issues.

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    Organize marches and other kinds of collective protests that do not interfere with games.

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    Organize a players' strike.

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    Stay in the locker room during the anthem.