Weirdly Interesting This Video Perfectly Explains Why Toilet Paper Should ALWAYS Hang Over And Not Under  

Mick Jacobs

For even the most trivial of debates, science often has the answer you seek. The video below uses scientific reasoning to answer one of your household's biggest questions: which way should toilet paper hang?

You're probably thinking to yourself "Who cares? It's all going to the same place anyway!" And while yes, it's all going to the same place, it's placement in your bathroom helps you to avoid unwanted germs.

The placement of a roll of toilet paper can determine how "clean" the rolls are that you end up using. Depending on how its hung, the roll may get exposed to more than just dirty fingers. Dirty walls and floors, while you may not be touching them, inadvertently touch you when they graze against your toilet paper.

Watch the video below to learn about toilet paper hanging. Like always putting the seat down and always closing your shower curtain, how you hang your toilet paper should definitely become part of your bathroom etiquette.