11 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Physical and Mental Health

There’s little use denying the fact - social media affects your health. Be it physically, psychologically, or a dangerous combination of the two, our addiction to our screens can have some pretty dire consequences to our health if left unchecked. The health effects of social media range from funny, small-potatoes stuff like FOMO to much more frightening possibilities like altered brain structures.

Obviously, social media and technology aren’t all bad. They can bring connectivity, ease, information, and excitement into our lives. But maybe we should also consider putting our devices down a little bit more often. (For example, researchers recommend putting devices away at least 30 minutes before bed.)

So if you’ve got a little bit of a screen addiction (and we're guessing you might since you’re, you know, reading this list and everything), read on to learn more about the health risks associated with technological overuse and why social media could be negative for your health.