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Space Could Murder You At Any Moment, And You Don't Even Have To Leave Earth

Space is a mysterious place full of bizarre beauty. Despite its wondrous nature, it can prove to be deadly in specific, yet surprisingly common, circumstances. Anyone exploring the universe faces a variety of ways to die in outer space, thanks to the inhospitable nature of the endless vacuum of the void. Everything from solar radiation to a lack of oxygen can spell doom for astronauts. However, you don’t have to travel away from the planet in a rocket to be susceptible to many dangers our galaxy has to offer.

Scientists who have looked at just how space could kill us all have found plenty of different methods of destruction. Planets are constantly being swallowed by exploding stars, while black holes are capable of sucking anything that gets close enough into oblivion. There are even bizarre things you didn't know about outer space that include weird weather or other phenomena that could easily wipe out humanity under the right circumstances. Unfortunately, there’s basically nothing we can do to protect against these threats, other than hope they never happen near Earth.

  • Rogue Black Holes Could Suck Up Earth And Eviscerate It

    The danger of black holes has been well established by the scientific community and in science fiction. These huge objects can be anything from a hundred thousands times to a million times more massive than the sun, and are capable of obliterating any other celestial body caught within their event horizon.

    Rogue black holes are generally smaller than those found at the centers of galaxies, but are more dangerous due to the fact they can be hard to see. Black holes are invisible and can only be found from the effects they have on space around them. If one were to wander into the solar system, it could cause massive disruption to the orbits of the planet, completely destroying the climate and wiping out all life.

  • The Big Rip Could Shred Everything Up At The Molecular Level

    The Big Rip is a theoretical cosmological event that some mathematicians believe could result in the universe essentially ripping itself apart. It relies on the Big Bang model of the universe, and the role dark energy plays in the universe.

    According to various studies, dark energy will fuel the continuing expansion of the universe until it reaches infinity. At this point, the dark energy would cause atoms - and space itself - to tear apart. The dark energy of the universe would essentially overpower gravity and rip everything to shreds. 

  • Asteroid Impacts Could Cause Wild Fires, Lower Temperatures, And Mass Extinction

    Most people already have a vague idea of the kind of carnage asteroids could unleash on the Earth's surface. Since the early 1900s, the general consensus among scientists has been that a huge asteroid was at least partially responsibly for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Such an event today would be equally destructive to life on Earth.

    The initial impact of even a relatively small asteroid can prove to be many times more destructive and devastating than even the most potent nuclear bomb. The energy released would destroy everything in its path, and likely start wildfires in the surrounding area. Dust and debris would be thrown into the atmosphere, causing temperatures to drop as sunlight became blocked from reaching the surface of the planet.

  • Magnetars Could Instantly Destroy Particles

    When particularly large stars begin to die, they can sometimes form neutron stars. Pressure in the star continues to rise as heavier elements fuse together because of incredibly high gravitational pressure. In some instances, these neutron stars become magnetars, objects that have the most powerful magnetic field in the universe, rated at up to one quadrillion gauss. For context, that is over one trillion times more powerful than the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth.

    At this strength, magnetars can essentially dissolve particles, as the atoms begin to stretch out and lose their molecular structure. Anything that gets close enough to one would be instantly destroyed by the huge forces.