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Exactly How Strong Is Captain Marvel?

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Captain Marvel was released on March 9, 2019 and ended up landing in the billion dollar box office club, but many fans of the MCU films who aren't as familiar with the comics are asking just who is this super-powered (potential) savior of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and just how strong is Captain Marvel? It's not a bad question, considering she was the one Nick Fury was trying to reach the moment he was culled out of existence with Thanos's snap. Fans of the MCU films are curious to know who this woman is, why she's so powerful, and what places her at a level intriguing enough to warrant Fury's attempts to contact her when things went South at the end of Infinity War. 

Many of the questions regarding Captain Marvel and her levels of strength were answered when her film hit theaters, but fans are still left with a number of questions. Without having to read every comic book published about Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel since her debut in 1968's Marvel Super-Heroes #13, here is everything you need to know about Captain Marvel before seeing her solo film or if you just want to dive deeper into the character.

  • Her List Of Powers Runs The Gamut

    To understand Captain Marvel, it's important to know what superpowers she has at her command. For those unfamiliar with the comics, it may look as if she is more like Superman than other heroes, but those similarities are only a small aspect of her power set. At her most basic levels, her powers include flight, super strength, super agility, the ability to create energy fields, energy absorption, and the capacity to produce photon energy blasts.

    These powers are only the basics of what she is capable of doing. Each talent has its own set of variances, and many of her powers depend on how much energy she has absorbed. Throughout her 50-plus-year career in the comics, Carol Danvers has assumed different identities, each with varying degrees of power.

  • She Can Absorb The Energy Of A Nuke (And Much More)

    Of all her many super abilities, the ability to absorb different forms of energy may be her most powerful. It's the core function of her abilities and it enables her to take pretty much anything thrown at her, absorb it into her body, and use it as a defense against whatever she may be fighting. This type of ability was shown in the MCU to some degree, thanks to Black Panther's Vibranium suit. Whenever he absorbed kinetic energy in the form of punches or shots, he stored that energy and released it as an offense. For Danvers, that ability is far more refined and powerful.

    Danvers doesn't simply absorb kinetic energy like Black Panther - she can absorb all types of energy. She can (and has) absorbed the force of an atomic blast and doesn't break a sweat. She doesn't appear to have any limitations to what type of energy she can absorb, and this makes her one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

  • Her Punch Has The Force Of 92 Tons

    It's obvious Captain Marvel packs a wallop, but just how strong is she? When she is tested by the Avengers, Dr. Hank Pym measures her ability to withstand a force of 92 tons at her base strength, though he notes she could likely withstand much more. This means that she can not only lift 92+ tons,  but she can punch with that much force, too; there aren't many characters in the Marvel Universe who can take that level of punishment.

    At her highest limits of strength, Danvers's levels are likely incalculable. The comics describe her strength as Binary at the levels of a star. Essentially, her powers become unlimited when she is at her highest levels, but those powers are unsustainable and eventually burn themselves out now that she can no longer tap into white hole energy.

  • She Can (And Has) Obliterated Planets

    Over the years, Carol Danvers has held onto several identities as a superhero, each with a somewhat different degree of powers. When she is in her Binary persona, she is able to tap into the energy of a "white hole," which gives her complete control over stellar energies. These include the ability to control all light within the electromagnetic spectrum, heat, and gravity.

    As Binary, she can also fly at the speed of light and survive the vacuum of space without the need for external oxygen or anything else to protect her. She is also able to completely obliterate planets with these powers. After losing her connection to the white hole, her powers diminished, but she retained some of her Binary powers. She can still reach those levels if provided with an appropriate infusion of energy.

    She destroys the Brood home world when she's in Binary form. While battling the Brood Queen, she transforms her into crystal and the entire planet is annihilated, though this happens accidentally.