Times Taylor Swift Was So Tall

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On any given list of tall celebrities, you're bound to have a few tall women. But how many are Taylor Swift tall? Yes, you read that correctly – Taylor Swift's height (5'10" wow!) has made such a stir on the Internet, her name has become an adverb.

 Taylor Swift is basically the best. She's constantly helping her fans by sharing pearls of wisdom. She consistently towers over her competition - figuratively and literally. At age 30, she has won seven Grammy Awards, has sold more than 40 million albums, and has made Forbes’s list of “The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” five times. But when compared to her celebrity counterparts, or other mere mortals, it’s not solely her talent, fame, or riches that stand out.

 Taylor’s stature is undeniably as notable as her success. Her height is particularly evident when she’s next to… pretty much anyone. Never one to shy away from a great pair of heels while performing or walking the red carpet, Taylor is always up to the task of making anyone next to her appear fun-size.

 So, how tall is Taylor Swift? Without a banana for scale, we may never truly know (OK, we do: she's 5'10"). What we can tell for certain is that she’s tall - very tall.  Now it’s up to you to choose which Tall Taylor tops the list. Click through and cast your vote for the pictures where Taylor Swift looks the tallest.