14 Weird Ways Every Kardashian Is Connected To O.J. Simpson

No one would hold it against you if you didn’t realize that Kim Kardashian had a direct relationship with O.J. Simpson. After all, it’s been decades since O.J.'s murder trial that featured Robert Kardashian as one of his defense attorneys, and there have been so many Kardashian scandals since then that it’s legitimately hard to keep up. But O.J. Simpson and the Kardashians are forever linked by their father’s relationship with the fallen football star. But how do the Kardashians know O.J. Simpson? You don’t just get to be friends with a famous football player just because you live in Brentwood. It turns out that the O.J. Simpson-Kardashian connection goes all the way back to college, and that The Juice and Robert Kardashian weren’t just acquaintances, they were as thick as thieves.

The O.J. Simpson-Kardashian friendship was one that lasted for almost thirty years, and one that went through a variety of relationship permutations until it ended in the horrendous murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Obviously, the youngest members of the Kardashian clan, like Kylie and Kendall, never had any run-ins with Simpson, but Kim Kardashian has vivid recollections of Simpson, and her sister Khloé has been living an unfortunate bit of O.J. fan fiction for most of her adult life. Just when you thought the Kardashians couldn’t get any weirder, these unbelievable stories about how they know O.J. Simpson pop up to make things even more surreal. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Wikimedia Commons