Crazy Things The Super Rich Have Done To Prepare For The Apocalypse

The old song may say that, "It's the end of the world as we know it," but some billionaires aren't feeling too fine about any end-of-the-world prophecies. There is no shortage of crazy things that rich people will do to fend off the apocalypse and their money can afford them unheard of (and unnecessary) defense-motivated luxuries.

From extravagant bunkers that can ward off zombies to their penchant for getting elective surgery now (as opposed to post-doomsday, when healthcare will presumably be in short supply), the wealthy are sparing no expense in their quest for survival. Though end-of-the-world planning varies slightly from rich person to rich person, there are some commonalities, such as stocking up on food and having bombproof digs. The super rich refuse to be unprepared.

Read on to learn more about their safety-spending habits.

  • They're Banking On Rabbit Poop

    They're Banking On Rabbit Poop
    Photo: Henk Monster / Wikimedia Commons

    Picture it, a post-apocalyptic America. We've run out of gas to power our vehicles, our stoves, our furnaces, and our lives. All the surplus gas we had lying around has been used up or has gone bad. Where do we turn? What do we do?

    Look to the rabbits, of course. More specifically, look to their poop! The super-rich consider rabbit droppings to be the alternative fuel of the future. One company is devising ways to use it for everything. Wealthy people will be able to eat rabbits for food, use rabbit poo as gas, and even power doomsday flamethrowers with rabbit waste.

  • They're Preparing Themselves For A Poor People Attack

    They're Preparing Themselves For A Poor People Attack
    Photo: David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons

    The gulf between the ultra-rich and everyone else in America gets larger and more pronounced by the day. And even though their money may make them seem cocky and self-assured, some billionaires are concerned about the animosity that could develop from such glaring class inequities.

    Specifically, they're afraid that poorer folks are going to rise up and attack them. LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman told The New Yorker, "I've heard this theme from a bunch of people. Is the country going to turn against the wealthy...? Is it going to turn into civil disorder?" 

  • They're Stocking Up On Jim Bakker's Slop Buckets

    They're Stocking Up On Jim Bakker's Slop Buckets
    Video: YouTube

    Ex-con, convicted felon, and eternal scam artist Jim Bakker is back on the airwaves and capitalizing on the fears of the pious and scared. He sells a variety of "food buckets" designed to feed families in the event of Armageddon. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this theoretically; do whatever you need to feel prepared so long as no one's getting hurt. The problem, though, is the cost. Bakker's slop buckets are prohibitively expensive (some go for as high as $10,000), making them really only accessible to the rich. However, some lower income families are mortgaging their homes to buy this survival kit.

  • Larry Ellison Bought 98% Of A Hawaiian Island

    Larry Ellison Bought 98% Of A Hawaiian Island
    Photo: Oracle Corporate Communications / Wikimedia Commons

    Tech billionaire Larry Ellison now owns most of the Hawaiian island of Lanai so that he can escape there when necessary. He also purchased the island's airline. Lanai is remote enough to feel safe and separate from the larger world while still being a part of the United States and its expansive economy. These attributes were likely attractions for the cautious innovator.

  • They've Built Luxury Bunkers

    They've Built Luxury Bunkers
    Video: YouTube

    If your idea of a bunker is a musty, shadowy underground hole, you haven't seen the luxury bunkers the super-rich are building in various locations around the world. These are not your grandmother's fallout shelters. They're mansions that happen to be outfitted and ready for any apocalyptic shenanigans that might occur. Pools, gyms, live camera feeds of the outside world, and military-grade security are just a small sampling of what you'll find in these ultra-luxe hideouts.

  • They Keep Helicopters Gassed Up And Ready

    They Keep Helicopters Gassed Up And Ready
    Photo: Wiki observer / Wikimedia Commons

    Chances are that if there's an apocalyptic event, we won't have much warning, if we're given any warning at all. Billionaires have the resources to escape at a moment's notice, though, and they're taking full advantage of this perk provided by their staggering wealth. Should a doomsday scenario loom, roadways are going to be clogged with traffic as people scramble for safety and security. A helicopter is a perfect alternative, for those wealthy enough to own one. "I keep a helicopter gassed up all the time," one rich prep told The New Yorker.