Graveyard Shift

This Is How The Vatican Actually Handles And Investigates Matters Of The Paranormal

The Catholic Church has done some pretty absurd (and arguably inexcusable) things. Messing around with paranormal activity isn't one of them. For the Vatican, paranormal investigations are treated with the utmost sincerity and urgency, whether personnel are deciding on whether to put their god-plated seal of approval on Vatican certified miracles in order to canonize a saint or carefully dispelling a wayward demon who set up shop in someone's body.

Everyone who hasn't seen The Exorcist or The Conjuring has definitely seen a film that follows demonic possession tropes. What if you found out some of those stories were real? The Vatican deals with thousands of paranormal cases a year. Some of those cases include legitimizing recent miracles in the Catholic Church or performing a full-fledged exorcism. Most Vatican paranormal investigations involves working with a team of doctors to determine whether paranormal phenomena has occurred. 

How does the Vatican investigate miracles, possessions and other paranormal activity? Special committees and a ton of training. Here's what goes down when the church gets wrapped up in the paranormal.