Interesting 40 Incredible GIFs of Things Being Made  

Jo Swo
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Ever looked at a Pop-Tart and been all, "wait a second, how are these tasty breakfast treats even made?" Well, great news. This list has tons of cool animated gifs of things being made. How are things made? Just anything really? Well there's probably an interesting gif here that will educated you. From pencils to candy canes to the can your Pringles come in, these gifs of things being made, carefully curated from the entire Internet, will amaze and inform you, finally giving you the answer to "how did my fork get these tines?" in gif form.

From everyday things like pencils and matchsticks to the creation of the human face inside the womb, these things seem normal and everyday to us, but none of us know how they were made! We found the best gifs that show you the manufacturing, creation, and assembly processes for how everyday objects are made.

So if you're feeling curious and want to wrap your mind around how stuff is made, have a look at this list. Full of gifs of all kinds of things being created, upvote the most interesting gifs below and fill your head with important information like how helmets get their camouflage, and how chess pieces and playing cards make their way to your game night.
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Camouflaged Helmets

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Twisted Wrought Iron Rails

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Stop Motion Animation (Behind the scenes of Coraline)

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Highway Barriers

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