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Why Thor's Comic Book Life Has Become Unrecognizable Over the Past Five Years

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Other than perhaps Iron Man, no Marvel cinematic superhero has seen their profile increase by greater leaps and bounds than Thor, the God of Thunder. Some of this can be attributed to Chris Hemsworth’s masterful Australian-Asgardian performance, but the character himself deserves plenty of credit. The spotlight brought on by the films has only brought attention to what comic book fans have known for awhile: Thor Odinson, wielder of Mjolnir and traveler of the Rainbow Bridge, is a true badass.

While Thor has had a steady presence in Marvel comics since the 1960s, that certainly doesn’t mean his life has always been stable. With a multi-millennia lifespan, there’s been plenty of time for Thor to find himself in some pretty messed up situations. His unique background as a warrior, royal, and space deity means that Thor goes on the sorts of adventures and experiences that would make the average superhero shrink in their spandex. It’s all in a day’s work for Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder and Beating People With a Hammer.

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