Why Thor's Comic Book Life Has Become Unrecognizable

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Other than perhaps Iron Man, no Marvel cinematic superhero has seen their profile increase by greater leaps and bounds than Thor, the God of Thunder. Some of this can be attributed to Chris Hemsworth’s masterful Australian-Asgardian performance, but the character himself deserves plenty of credit. The spotlight brought on by the films has only brought attention to what comic book fans have known for a while: Thor Odinson, wielder of Mjolnir and traveler of the Rainbow Bridge, is a true bad*ss.

While Thor has had a steady presence in Marvel comics since the 1960s, that certainly doesn’t mean his life has always been stable. With a multi-millennia lifespan, there’s been plenty of time for Thor to find himself in some pretty messed up situations. His unique background as a warrior, royal, and space deity means that Thor goes on the sorts of adventures and experiences that would make the average superhero shrink in their spandex. It’s all in a day’s work for Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder and Beating People With a Hammer.


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    Nick Fury Said Something That Made Him Unworthy

    The single biggest change in Thor’s life of late came during 2014’s Original Sin event, a crossover penned by Thor’s own regular author, Jason Aaron. Nick Fury was the antagonist for this event, and he used his reputation for knowing everyone’s secrets against the Thunder God. A single whisper from Fury into Thor’s ear caused Thor to immediately drop his hammer, as whatever he had been told had rendered him suddenly unworthy.

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    Angela From 'Spawn' Turned Out To Be His Sister

    Comic book continuity is complicated enough when it only involves one publisher, but things got even more complex for Thor when Angela entered the scene. Angela, an angelic-looking but death-dealing anti-hero, actually originated in an Image Comics series, Spawn. Due to some real-world legal battling between creators Todd MacFarlane and Neil Gaiman, Angela’s rights ended up at Marvel, and Marvel revealed during 2014’s Original Sin event that Angela was actually Thor and Loki’s long-lost sister. So lost, apparently, that she’d been hiding at another publisher all this time! Nobody took the news well.

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    Jane Foster Had Cancer

    Sometimes, even an immortal god has to deal with some real down-to-Earth problems. Never was this more true than when Thor learned that Jane Foster, his long-time ally and love interest, had cancer. Real-life diseases aren’t the sort of thing an Asgardian deals with on a regular basis and Thor took the news hard. The mighty Avenger was flabbergasted as to what to do against a foe he couldn’t fry with lightning or beat with a hammer. Even more troubling for Thor was the fact that Foster rejected the aid of Asgardian medicine, preferring to stick to her human methods.

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    He Died Facing The Beyonders

    Thor and Hyperion’s space roadtrip, which was an attempt to find out the root cause of the destruction of the multiverse, was ultimately successful. They eventually found out that an entire race of Beyonders was behind the whole thing, but there wasn’t much they could do about it. The Beyonders were powerful beyond even Thor’s limits, and he and Hyperion (temporarily) met their end in a brave last stand. In a nice final twist, Thor had to drop his unworthy Thorr hammer during his last charge, having found his worthiness once again in death.

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    He Formed The League Of Realms

    Despite his massive powerset, Thor is generally thought of as a team player. He’s a founding member of the Avengers, and has been a mainstay on their roster pretty much ever since. However, that’s only his Earth-bound team. Thor felt the need to put together a team more prepared to take on the troubles of Asgard, Niflheim, and the other nine realms, and so he formed the League of Realms. This Ocean’s 11-style outfit included a gun-toting elf, a monosyllabic giant, a dwarven demolition expert, and even a troll! Good times were had by all.

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    He Picked Up A Hammer For Unworthy People

    Unable to wield Mjolnir, the old Thor, now calling himself Odinson, began using a wicked-looking axe on his adventures. However, the call of a blunt instrument was just too great, and so Odinson sought out another hammer to use. He eventually found it when an evil, alternate-dimension version of himself named Thorr dropped his hammer upon defeat, which could only be picked up by the unworthy. This role-reversing weapon served Odinson well in what would be truly trying days to come.