How To Annoy Your Bartender

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Love to hate your bartender? Here's how, using this list of bartender's pet peeves, voted on by barkeeps worldwide.

What annoys bartenders? Bars can get really crowded, especially on the weekends when just about everyone and their mom are trying to let loose and have some fun after a long week of work. But one proverbial issue of going out to bars is trying to get a drink in a crowded place. Of course, the outcome of this battle lies primarily in the hands of your bartenders. You want to get on their good side to ensure they will keep coming back to serve you the good stuff and maybe even place you at a higher priority than most of the other customers. But how can you do this?

Believe it or not, there is a long list of things you can do to ensure your bartender hates you – from the drinks you order to the way you try to get their attention. But to avoid making any of these mistakes, check out our list of ways to annoy your bartender. Then try to avoid them at all costs. 

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    Interrupt Them While They Are Taking Someone Else's Order

    It is rude to interrupt anyone for any reason. But to do this while someone is trying to work is just irritating. This is a sure way to get on their "ignore" list – until you are the only customer at the bar.
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    Snap at Them

    If I am your bartender and I see you snapping your fingers at me in attempt to get my attention, I am going to assume you must have a poorly behaved dog on the premises that you are trying to call over and skip you to tend to the polite couple behind you.
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    Flag Them Down Before You're Ready to Order

    While you're clearly the most important person here, I can't stand here all day waiting for you to decide on which drink you want when I could be helping other customers who have their money and their order ready to go. Learn to be one of those people, please.
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    Be Condescending

    In what world is condescending your bartender and questioning their knowledge on alcoholic beverages going to earn you points in their book? Not this one. You aren't impressing anyone around here. If you want to make a good impression, do so with your wallet.
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    Prevent Other People from Getting to the Bar

    Sometimes crowded bars can be an "every man for himself" kind of situation, but if you already have your drinks, give someone else a fair shot. Move out of the way. Not only will you help keep other customers happy, but the bartender will be grateful that they don't have to try to strain to hear what someone three rows back is trying to order.
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    Try to Stay Past Closing Time

    If you are looking for more ways to annoy your bartender at the end of the night, beg to stay later past last call and closing time. They want nothing more than to keep the bar open for you and your private party of four.
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