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How To Apply Fake Eyelashes That Look Real

Correctly applying false lashes is one of makeup’s biggest mysteries—it’s one of those tasks that even the biggest beauty enthusiasts would rather leave to the pros. But wearing falsies doesn’t have to be complicated!

If you’re a beginner wondering, "Wait, how do you apply false lashes?" don’t fret. This list covers every step you need to know, from the basics such as choosing the right fake eyelashes to more advanced tips, like how to care for those expensive mink falsies. With these tips for applying false lashes, you’ll be a pro in no time.

  • Customization Is Key


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    As in all makeup application, customization is key. When it comes to applying false lashes, there's a good chance the lash strips aren't perfectly sized for your eyelid. Before you glue them on, trim from the outer corner to make sure the strips aren't too long. Another easy way to apply fake lashes is to cut the strips into thirds and then apply each section one at a time to ensure that the curve of the lashes matches your lid's natural curve.

  • Find The Right Glue For You

    The hardest part of apply falsies is getting the gluing process just right. To make this step a little easier, look for a glue that coincides with the overall time it takes you to get ready. For example, Duo Lash Glue is great but takes a long time to dry, so it won't work if you're rushing through your look. Huda Beauty's lash glue dries quickly, but be warned: it dries black instead of clear.

  • Invest In A Good Pair Of Tweezers


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    The most important tool in your fake lash kit just might be your tweezers. Tweezers are an integral part of getting your lashes on and taking them off, so make sure you have a good pair. Tweezerman Tweezers are a beauty staple and offer a strong grip. Or grab Ardell's Lash Applicator, which grips the entire strip of lashes at once.

  • Make Sure You Have Eyeliner On Hand

    No matter how skilled you are at applying false lashes, you're bound to experience a small gap between your actual lash line and your false lash line from time to time. Don't worry, you don't need to rip of the fakes and reapply—just fill in the gap with eyeliner! A black liquid liner is a must for times like these. Maybelline Makeup Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner is readily available at any drugstore, and it gets the job done.