Advice How To Avoid Being Yelled At (by Women)  

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Relationships are tricky and each one is unique. However, no one likes a shouting match and everyone would love smooth sailing in a relationship. So, how can you keep the peace, find balance, and yes, avoid being yelled at by your lady friend? This list has some great advice, not for appeasing or patronizing your wife or girlfriend, but for how to truly learn to be kind to each other and decipher what she's really feeling and asking of you. As a result, you might just avoid being yelled at.

Sometimes silence is the best response, but at the same time, sometimes you can’t avoid the fully loaded question that was just thrown at you. When a female tosses a question at a man, it can feel like being tossed a live grenade. There is no escape unless you toss it to someone else and run.

There's no surefire roadmap for a successful relationship, because each one (and the people in it) are varied and have their own quirks and qualities. But, these general and common arguments often pop up and this list offers handy advice for how to keep simple arguments from blowing up. How can you avoid getting yelled at by a woman?

How can you keep your wife/girlfriend/significant other from yelling at you? Read through the list below to find out.

Don't Tell Her Other Women Are Pretty

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"Do you think she’s pretty?"

Hopefully, your female significant other doesn't really care if you think other women are pretty, but women (like all humans) are complicated creatures. If she asks you, she probably just wants to hear that she is pretty, so let her know. In fact, if you're ever thinking to yourself, "Man, my lady is hot today," feel free to let her know. You don't have to (and shouldn't) patronize her or lie to make her feel better about herself, but letting a lady know you care and notice can go a long way.

Encourage Her Passions and Interests

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She thinks she can dance but she only looks like she’s being electrocuted.

She thinks she can sing but it’s a noise only crickets can hear.

No one is perfect, but everyone has their talents and own unique eccentricities. Encourage and help her find her's and you'll likely receive the same support in return.

Farts are Hilarious!

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It may come as a shock, but girls have digestive tracts too. Weird, huh? They're humans!

Depending on how far along you are in your relationship, you may or may not feel comfortable talking about farts, or farting in front of each other. If you aren't, probably don't draw attention to it, should your gal accidentally cut the cheese in your presence.

Of course if you have reached that level of comfort, you're on your own here.

Master the Art of Gift Giving (and Receiving)

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Birthdays and gift-giving holidays are important, so put some thought into it. Few wives of any number of years are going to be excited to receive a gift certificate for "1 Hug" or an Xbox you both know is really for you (unless your lady's a gamer in which case, nice job). Pay attention throughout the year and find gifts that she wants or needs, rather than things you just want her to have.

Also master the act of being GRACIOUS and GRATEFUL when she gives you gifts. She loves you and wants to make you happy.