15 Things To Avoid As A Tourist So You Don't Stand Out, According To Locals

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Locals: vote up the most obvious signs that someone is a tourist where you're from.

If you're paranoid about being spotted as an obvious tourist during your next trip, this list is for you! Learn how to not look like a tourist, according to the locals of tourist destinations. And once you've figured out how to avoid looking like a tourist, make sure you read up on unspoken local rules so you don't commit any faux pas!

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    Traveling In A Pack

    From Redditor u/UtterDisbelief:

    In New York: traveling in a pack of people. Stopping to look at things, such as tall buildings. (You should do this! That is what you came to do! It just identifies you as a tourist.) Going to Times Square. Holding a paper map. Wearing pastels. Looking like you have hope. Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk (it is okay to stop; just stand next to a building). Buying knockoff bags in Chinatown.

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    Wearing Your Backpack In Front Of You

    From Redditor u/scrapcats:

    Wearing your backpack in front of you in New York; posing with cops for photos (I’ve never understood that one); stopping on subway stairs to check Google maps; pulling out an actual map; throwing your arm in front of someone who is walking in the opposite direction because you need to point at something; running onto the Staten Island ferry to get a great view of the [Statue of Liberty] and then complaining that you missed it because you stood on the wrong side of the boat; [and] being in a large group with a self-appointed leader who is usually a dad in mirrored sunglasses, New Balances, and a polo shirt tucked into denim shorts.

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    Imitating The Local Accent

    From Redditor u/URETHRAL_PAPERCUT:

    Don't try and speak in what you think the accent of that country is. It's always wrong, even when it's good.

    From all countries ever.

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    Calling San Francisco 'Frisco' Or 'San Fran'

    From Redditor u/cloudbusting:

    If you're in San Francisco, don't call it "Frisco" or "San Fran."

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    Using A Huge Backpack

    From Redditor u/nuckingfuts73:

    The giant backpacks. I did two Euro trips and I know how the giant backpacks are necessary, but the second I see them I assume they're a tourist, which is not always true.

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    Being Sunburnt In Australia

    From a former Redditor:

    In Australia: Don't get so bloody sunburnt the second you get here; don't be obnoxiously loud in quiet places; take in your surroundings; and don't make a spectacle of yourselves.

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