How to Be a Good Parent

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Tips and tricks for how to be a good parent--the best parenting advice available online. Good parenting tips are added here and voted on by experienced parents. Parenting, it goes without saying, is tough. As a parent, you have the responsibility not only for keeping your little ones safe and healthy, but also for showing them the difference between right and wrong, teaching your kids responsibility and supporting their efforts and growing independence. There are many different approaches to parenting--some parents are stern and authoritative while others are more lenient. There are not necessarily "right" and "wrong" ways to be a good parent, but there are a few key pieces of advice that the best parents have picked up and shared with each other throughout the years. 

What is a good parent? Generally good parents prepare their children to be happy, engaged members of society. Just how they do this may differ according to personalities, but generally, qualities of a good parent tend to be: generous, loving, encouraging and consistent. Parents should not be their kids best friends! We all want our children to love us and be happy spending time with us, but sometimes rules and boundaries are just as important as giving hugs and kisses. That said, parenting is a journey and it should be fun. Don't be too hard on yourself or your children and enjoy their childhood while it lasts!

Read and vote on these parenting tips and add new bits of parenting advice if you have something to share.   
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    Teach Your Children Responsibility

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    Be Involved in Your Child's Life

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    Teach Them to Treat Others As They Would Want to Be Treated

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    Teach Them the Difference Between Right and Wrong

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    Encourage Your Children's Independence

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    Listen Actively