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How to Be Single movie quotes follow young singles who live it up in New York City. The romantic comedy movie was adapted into a screenplay by Dana Fox, Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein from the book of the same name by Liz Tuccillo. Directed by Christian Ditter, How to Be Single opened in theaters on February 12, 2015.

In How to Be Single, Alice (Dakota Johnson) breaks up with her longterm boyfriend and friend Robin (Rebel Wilson) comforts her by taking her out for drinks. It's been a while since Alice has been in the dating game so Robin, who has her social game down to a science, teaches Alice the ropes. Between waxing down there, scoring free drinks, partaking in one night stands and quick hangover recovery, Alice has a number of tricks to pass along to her new partner in crime.

But as much as Robin and Alice, along with other friends such as Lucy (Alison Brie) and Meg (Leslie Mann), are enjoying the single life, when the casual nature of their personal lives turns into serious feelings, the dating waters become terribly hard to navigate.

How to Be Single had some stiff competition at the box office when it opened alongside Deadpool, Hail, Caesar!, Kung Fu Panda 3, The Finest Hours, and The Revenant.
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Need to Get That Taken Care Of

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Robin: You really need to get that taken care of.
Alice: What do you mean? I barely have any hair.
Robin: You should close your legs. There's a reason I stopped watching Duck Dynasty. Is that Tom Hanks from Castaway? Seriously, it's like Gandolf is staring right at me. 'No penis shall pass!'

In no uncertain terms, Robin blasts Alice for her pubic hair. The jury is out on if this lengthy mocking session will encourage Alice to get a wax or not.
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You Should Cherish It

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Alice: The thing about being single is, you should cherish it.

Having enjoyed being single, Alice has a new outlook on her personal life. No longer does she see relationships as the only way to be happy and plans to savor the single life.
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Go Get Us Some Drinks

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Robin: Let me teach you how to be single. Go get us some drinks.
Alice: Okay
Robin: No, you don't buy the drinks. Boys buy the drinks. Not with this wallet, with the sausage wallet.
Alice: Hey, what's up, y'all? I don't know why I just said y'all. You all would have taken just as much time. Oh my god. Can I have two margaritas? Oh my god.

Robin has made it her job to enjoy the party life, including the free drinks and one night stands. Alice knows little of this world but Robin will make sure Alice learns very fast.
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If Tom Texts You

Robin: If Tom texts you, wait four hours to respond and if you use an emoji I will tit punch you.
Alice: No!
Robin: Emoji!

Robin gives Alice some rules for texting Tom, including specific instructions regarding emoji use. Alice fails to abide and pays the price.
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