The Best Ways To Cheat At Monopoly, Ranked

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If you didn't stuff hundred dollar bills down your shirt as a child to hide them from your family, what were you doing? You certainly weren't winning at Monopoly. Indeed, everyone cheated at Monopoly on family game nights in the '80s, '90s, and early 2000s. It was a rite of passage, and the easiest way to get ahead in the classic Hasbro game was to slip yourself a few pastel-colored bills when no one was watching.

Certain ingenious cheaters worked a little smarter, though. They discovered the master hacks to beating the odds at Monopoly, hiding hotels from the bank, bribing players, and even double-dealing with the cards of chance. Ever wondered how your older brother always managed to screw you over, even when you had all the best property and a dominance over utilities? Yeah, he was most likely cheating.

It's not too late to reinstate game night, though. Learn how to cheat, and you too can finally have a place at the table. Cheating brothers, watch out - all your best Monopoly cheating secrets have been revealed. 

Board games may never be as wholesome again.

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    Keep Your Mouth Shut When You Land On Someone's Property, Hope They Don't Notice

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    Volunteer To Be The Banker So You Can Deal Out The Money Underhandedly

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    Steal Money From The Bank

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    Move Your Piece Too Many Or Too Few Spaces To Land On Better Spots