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How To Safely Contact And Speak To Your Dead Relatives

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After a loved one passes away it’s normal to have lingering questions. Maybe you had some unfinished business with them, or maybe you just wanted to have one more conversation. No matter why you want to contact a dead relative, it’s a completely valid desire. To speak with a loved one after they pass away you need to learn how to contact your dead relatives. There are a myriad of ways to summon the dead. You visit the land of the dead in your dreams, or you can go the more traditional route and use occult rituals that can be found in all kinds of creepy magic books. If you’re already on a magical path but need a few tips for summoning dead relatives then you’ve come to the right place. What follows is a guide for how to summon the spirit of a dead relative – whether you want to have a long conversation with the spirit of a loved one, or give one final message to a relative in the spirit realm.

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    Figure Out Exactly Who You Want To Contact

    When you're communing with the dead it's incredibly important that you be as specific as possible. When you go into your seance make sure that you know exactly who you want to talk to. If you're vague with the spirit realm then you're either not going to get anything out of the scenario or you're going to get something that you don't want.

    For instance, if you want to speak to your maternal grandfather who passed away while you were out of state, then make sure you say that you want to speak to your maternal grandfather who passed away while you were out of state, don't say, "I want to talk to someone from my family who died." That doesn't help anyone.

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    Focus On A Memory That The Two Of You Shared

    While attempting to speak with your deceased loved one you should stay focused on them no matter what happens. When you break through to the spirit world plenty of weird stuff could start happening, and the last thing you want to go through is getting close to your loved one and losing out on a chance to speak to them because you lost your focus. Think of an important memory that you have of your loved on, or a special time that the two of you shared together.

    For instance, if you went on a fishing trip with your dad that was particularly special then think about that. The more significant the image the easier it's going to be to make a connection.

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    Work With A Medium

    If you're trying to get a specific response from your dead loved one and you don't have any experience communing with the dead then you may want to contact a local medium or psychic and see if they can help. It's important to find a medium you can trust, so you should do your research before hiring someone to help you speak to your loved one. If you live in a large enough city you should be able to stop by a shop specializing in the occult and seek the manager's advice.

    And you can always check Yelp to check out the reputation of a particular medium or other spiritualist.

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    Use An Item That Was Important To Your Relative

    Remember, specificity is key when you're trying to talk to a particular spirit. The more you charge your seance with the energy of the spirit you intend to meet the better chance you have of connecting with them. If you can get your hands on an item or piece of clothing that was especially important to your relative who passed away then you can use it as a way to contact them.

    The item can be anything - a watch, a book, a shirt - as long as they cared about it. When you manage to make contact with your loved one make sure you hold the item for the entire time to maintain your connection.