How To Safely Contact And Speak To Your Dead Relatives

After a loved one passes away it’s normal to have lingering questions. Maybe you had some unfinished business with them, or maybe you just wanted to have one more conversation. No matter why you want to contact a dead relative, it’s a completely valid desire. To speak with a loved one after they pass away you need to learn how to contact your dead relatives. There are a myriad of ways to summon the dead. You visit the land of the dead in your dreams, or you can go the more traditional route and use occult rituals that can be found in all kinds of creepy magic books. If you’re already on a magical path but need a few tips for summoning dead relatives then you’ve come to the right place. What follows is a guide for how to summon the spirit of a dead relative – whether you want to have a long conversation with the spirit of a loved one, or give one final message to a relative in the spirit realm.

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  • Prepare Yourself To Speak With A Deceased Loved One
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    Prepare Yourself To Speak With A Deceased Loved One

    If you really want to attempt to speak with a deceased loved one you have to fully prepare yourself to get in touch with the dead. You have to be serious about what you want to do and make sure your intentions are as pure as possible. To put yourself on the same wavelength as the spiritual plane you should meditate, study the connection between the body and the mind, and prepare your mind to become one with the astral plane.

    Once your mind is more attuned to the vibrations of the spiritual world the more ready you'll be to receive information from your deceased loved one in whatever form it takes.

  • Don't Be Afraid To Say Please
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    Don't Be Afraid To Say Please

    Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was a psychiatrist and pioneer in near-death studies who believed that it was possible to contact a loved one after their death. Her biggest piece of advice was that after a loved one died you shouldn't be afraid to ask the deceased to show themselves. In an interview with Body, Mind & Spirit magazine she said, "Ask God, Jesus, Mary, your Higher Power, the universe, your deceased loved one – whomever or whatever you believe in – to have him or her come to visit you when you are sleeping.

    Ask sincerely, from your heart, in a quiet prayer." After that Kübler-Ross insisted that you be open to speaking to your loved one however they saw fit, be it a dream or some other archaic kind of conversation.

  • Just Talk To Them
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    Just Talk To Them

    Erin Pavlina, an intuitive counselor, writes on her website about how to make contact with a loved one if you're not the most spiritual person. She notes that if you want to speak to a deceased loved one you should just speak out loud to them whenever you feel like it.

    "Just talk to them. Talk out loud, speak in your mind, they can hear you.  I can’t guarantee they are always listening, but I think for the most part when you cast your intention for them to hear you, they get the message."

    You'll probably want to combine this tactic with some of the other tips on this list to get a maximum range on your spiritual communication. Combine you spiritual chit chat with some mediation, or do it while you hold one of their personal items. If you do this you'll have a better chance of cutting through to the spirit world.

    Allegedly Simon Cowell used this method to get himself through the death of his mother.

  • Pick A Symbol For Your Loved One And Speak To That
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    Pick A Symbol For Your Loved One And Speak To That

    Something that may help you speak to a deceased relative is to pick something that symbolizes them and speak to that. When the Daily Mail interviewed a group of people who communicate with their deceased relatives, a woman named Laura Brookes claimed that after a butterfly landed on her mother's coffin during her burial, she took it as a sign. Now whenever she sees a butterfly she says "Hello Mum."

    You can use this method in your every day life to speak to a loved one, and you can combine it with others on this list. If you're hosting a seance you may want to pick a symbol for your deceased loved one and bring it to the ritual. Remember, you're just trying to make the memory of your loved one as powerful as possible so you can get in contact with them more easily.

  • Figure Out Exactly Who You Want To Contact
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    Figure Out Exactly Who You Want To Contact

    When you're communing with the dead it's incredibly important that you be as specific as possible. When you go into your seance make sure that you know exactly who you want to talk to. If you're vague with the spirit realm then you're either not going to get anything out of the scenario or you're going to get something that you don't want.

    For instance, if you want to speak to your maternal grandfather who passed away while you were out of state, then make sure you say that you want to speak to your maternal grandfather who passed away while you were out of state, don't say, "I want to talk to someone from my family who died." That doesn't help anyone.

  • Focus On A Memory That The Two Of You Shared
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    Focus On A Memory That The Two Of You Shared

    While attempting to speak with your deceased loved one you should stay focused on them no matter what happens. When you break through to the spirit world plenty of weird stuff could start happening, and the last thing you want to go through is getting close to your loved one and losing out on a chance to speak to them because you lost your focus. Think of an important memory that you have of your loved on, or a special time that the two of you shared together.

    For instance, if you went on a fishing trip with your dad that was particularly special then think about that. The more significant the image the easier it's going to be to make a connection.