How To Get Perfect Winged Liner For Your Specific Eye Shape

Everyone struggles when it comes to eyeliner application. Not all eyeliner tips even work for all people, either; the ideal technique for the perfect winged liner totally depends on the shape of your eye.

In fact, chances are you’ve been applying eyeliner wrong this whole time! Don’t worry, though. It's possible to break down eyeliner hacks for every eye shape under the sun. Round eyes, small eyes, mono-lidded eyes, and even hooded peepers can all slay a cat-eye wing.

Bigger, bolder, brighter eyes await.

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  • Make Round Eyes Look Longer


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    For round eyes, applying winged liner is all about making the pupil look longer. Line the outer two thirds of your upper lash line to elongate shape, and play up the outer corners of the eye by extending a wing just a little farther than you normally would.

  • Don't Try Too Hard With Almond Eyes

    Those with almond-shaped eyes are lucky. Just following the natural curve of the eye will give the perfect wing line! Simply run a liquid liner along the upper lash line, staying close for smaller eyes or thickening the product for larger eyes. Then, give your liner a subtle flick at the end. Talk about curves for days! 

  • Add Highlighter To Enhance Close-Set Eyes

    You can use eyeliner to make close-set eyes appear further apart with a few simple tricks. First, stay away from the inner corners of the eyes and begin your liner about one third of the way past your tear duct. Focus on making the liner thicker as you move towards the outer corner, and finish with a wing that's slightly longer than your lash line. For an extra pop, add a dab of highlighter in the inner corners for a doe-eyed look!

  • Keep Liner Simple For Wide-Set Eyes

    To make wide-set eyes appear closer together, start your eyeliner at the tear duct and extend it to the outer corner. Avoid a dramatic cat eye, since you want to focus on bringing the eyes in, not elongating them. A subtle flick of upturned liner will do.

  • Rock Dramatic Liner On Monolids

    When it comes to monolids, the more dramatic the liner, the better! You can bring more definition to your eyelid by mixing a smudged pencil liner with liquid liner. Use eye kohl to draw a soft line from the inner corner to the outer corner. Then use your finger to smudge the line outward and upward. Go back and add some definition to the wing with a liquid liner. The effect will be dramatic and defined.

  • Skip Bottom Liner On Hooded Lids

    If you have hooded lids, you want to make your eyes appear bigger. To do this, apply liner at the upper lash line, making sure to add dots of liquid liner in between lashes, as well. You can make your eyes appear rounder and more open by opting for a thicker swipe at the center of your eyes and a thinner one at the outer corners. Don't be afraid of an exaggerated wing, but skip the bottom eyeliner.