How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Flirting is a skill, and a lot factors need to be accounted for when you're flirting. How often have you flirted before? Are you feeling confident with the person you're flirting with? Do you know this person well? Regardless of what you're particular circumstances may be, it's not always easy to flirt, especially when it's over text.

Text messaging inhibits a lot of the communication humans use with each other. You can't see the other person's reactions to what you've said, it's easier to say more out loud than it is to type it in a text, and you can't hear the other person's voice, which often helps you gauge the other person's mood and reaction. These things can leave to a lot of doubt when you're trying to be flirty with someone, but thankfully, this list provides 20 ways to successfully flirt over text message. 
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  • Don't Act Completely Different in Person

    Don't Act Completely Different in Person

    Some people are shy in person, and that's okay. But if you are going to be funny and outgoing on text message, then clam up in person, realize that this might send a lot of mixed signals.
  • Be Funny

    Be Funny

    If you have a sense of humor, show it! Don't be afraid to joke around. 
  • Let Her Know When You Are Interested

    Let Her Know When You Are Interested

    Girls can usually tell fairly easily when a guy is interested in them. But it never hurts to make it clear. Don't over do it by professing your love for her, but definitely make it clear that you would love to spend time getting to know her if she is interested. 
  • Ask Questions

    Ask Questions

    Don't let this turn into a one-sided conversation. It is important to show that you are interested. Ask questions about herself.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Get A Little Personal

    Don't Be Afraid To Get A Little Personal

    You should get to know someone in person, but don't be afraid to ask them about their life over text message. It is important for girls to know you geniunely care about getting to know them, not just their looks.
  • Don't Only Text Her At Weird Hours Or When You're Drunk

    Don't Only Text Her At Weird Hours Or When You're Drunk

    This sends the wrong message for obvious reasons. If you are interested in getting to know her, don't only wait until you are bored or have some liquid courage in you.
  • Don't Make It Hard for Her to Respond

    Don't Make It Hard for Her to Respond

    If she is asking questions, don't just respond and leave it at that. It makes it hard for her to respond, and then the conversation hits a wall. Every time you answer her, if you want to keep talking, make sure you end it with a question or something for her to easily transition into a another response.
  • Compliment Her

    Compliment Her

    If you are texting, chances are you met in person first. So don't be afraid to compliment her. If possible, try to make it something that ISN'T just about her looks.
  • Find Common Interests

    Find Common Interests

    If you're having a hard time finding something to talk about, start asking questions about where she comes from and what she likes to do. There is a bound to be something in her responses you can relate to. Take it from there!
  • Don't Get Mad If She Doesn't Respond

    Don't Get Mad If She Doesn't Respond

    While most people constantly have their phones on them, you can't have a meltdown if she leaves it for a few hours to work out, visit family, or go to work meetings. Believe it or not, people in this day in age DO have tendencies to leave their phones behind. It's not often, but it does happen.
  • Don't Wait Absurdly Long Before Answering

    Don't Wait Absurdly Long Before Answering

    I get it, dating can be a game. But at this point, pretty much everyone is aware of the "game." When it comes to showing someone you are genuinely interested in them, artificially waiting a while to respond to act as though you're just too busy and cool to get to them right away can actually backfire.
  • Don't Over Do It

    Don't Over Do It

    Try to go above and beyond on text message to impress her. Don't text throughout the day thinking she will be flattered that you are thinking about her so much. Take it easy.
  • Tease Her (politely)

    Tease Her (politely)

    When a guy constantly and consistently showers a girl with compliments over text message, it can start to feel a little fake. They might think you are just trying to butter them up. Don't be afraid to tease them – but only if you know the fine line between innocent teasing and being mean.
  • Don't Drag Conversation Out

    Don't Drag Conversation Out

    Know when it is time to stop texting. She might be really busy. Either way, pick up on her vibes. If you are starting to feel like the conversation is dying out, let it. Don't beat a dead horse, you'll come off as desperate and bored (NEVER a good combination).
  • Don't Ask Vulgar Questions

    Don't Ask Vulgar Questions

    For some reason, there are guys who think that just because a girl gives them their number, it means they're interested in having sex. Even if this is the case, it is not something that should be addressed via text message. Tread lightly. 
  • Don't Be Predictable

    Don't Be Predictable

    While you should definitely spend the bulk of getting to know someone in person, don't be afraid to get a little quirky and let your personality show through in your texts. 
  • Don't Ask for Pictures

    Don't Ask for Pictures

    This is a BIG no-no. Especially if you two just started talking. This is a sure way to drive her away as quickly as possible.
  • Careful With Sarcasm

    Careful With Sarcasm

    Unfortunately, they are yet to make a font that translates into sarcasm. While it is possible she will pick up on your joke and think it is funny, you never know. She could interpret it as a serious one: a downside to texting.
  • Check Spelling And Grammar

    Check Spelling And Grammar

    You don't need to be an English major, and maybe the person you are talking to won't even notice, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes not knowing the difference between "there" and "their" at this age – especially with autocorrect – can be a real turn-off.
  • Limit Emoji Use

    Limit Emoji Use

    Using one here and there is okay. But don't try to let smiley faces do the work for you. Use your words!