How to Flirt With a Guy Over Text

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These days, it's no longer standard for a girl to wait until she is formally courted by a guy. More and more women are feeling comfortable enough to make the first move with guys. Gone are the days where we feel like we need to sit back and wait for a guy to text us first. But initiating conversation and knowing how to adequately flirt via text are very different. If you are interested in a guy and find yourself texting back and forth with him, it can be a little nerve racking. Are you saying the right things? Are you texting too often? Are you being flirty enough? If you have ever found yourself wondering what some flirty questions to ask a guy are, this list is for you!

Below are some tips for how to flirt with a guy over text. Which ones do you agree with?

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    Compliment Him

    Guys need to be complimented, too! This is especially important to do if he has paid you a compliment. But don't shower him in them. You don't want to sound insincere.
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    Make It Clear You're Interested

    You don't want to come off as desperate or needy, but you also don't want to come off as an aloof snob. Regardless of who you are talking to, chances are they're afraid of being rejected. If you are interested in getting to know them, don't be too stand-offish.
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    Show Your Sense of Humor

    Guys love a girl who know how to take a joke, but who also know how to make one. If you have a sense of humor, show it! Don't be afraid to play around.
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    Find Common Interests

    Even if this common interest is that you both hate Kanye West, find something you can agree on. This will be especially useful if the conversation gets dull.
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    Be Yourself

    If you're funny, be funny. If you're sassy, be sassy. But don't try too hard to impress someone over text message by acting like someone you are not, or pretending to like something just for the sake of conversation.
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    Ask Them About Themselves

    It's just common courtesy. He should be given just as much airtime as he gives you, and you should pay attention to what he says.
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