Healthy Diet How To Gain Weight By Drinking Full Fat Milk  

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Drinking milk to gain weight is a quick and cost effective way to help you get in the extra calories that you need when strength training. Read on to find out how you can use milk to help bulk up and get the physique you're after quicker!

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Why use milk to gain weight?

If you have read the article on healthy nutrition you will know that in order to build muscle you need to eat more. 6 meals a day to be precise! This requires a bit of planning ahead with your meals and making them the night before, in case you don't have access to a proper kitchen.

While this is achievable with some practice and perseverance, for some people it might just not be practical. If you can't for whatever reason get 6 meals a day in you then milk could be your answer!

So what exactly is in milk which makes it such a good weight gainer?

Your average 4 pint of full fat milk (blue top) yields about 1464 calories, 78g of protein, 110g of carbohydrates and 79g of fat. Looking good so far, plenty of calories, plenty of protein, plenty of carbohydrates and not so good, plenty of fat.

Putting the fat content aside, the amount of calories, protein and carbs you get from 4 pints of milk is well over a quater of your daily intake needs. Combine this with your 3 meals a day and you're getting the extra calories you need to build muscle!

Coming back to the fat content, this may seem high, and you're right it is. If you were to drink 4 pints of milk a day for a month you will put on some body fat, not much maybe 2%, but for the purpose of putting on weight you can afford the extra fat gain, especially if you're underweight already and are struggling to put on weight.

How much milk should i drink?

If you are looking to put on weight and get the all-important extra calories and protein in your diet you should try the following routine:

* Drink 4 pints of full fat milk a day for 28 days

Integrate this into your normal meal plan (3 meals a day: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

For example: 1 pint with breakfast, 1 pint at lunch, 1 pint with dinner and 1 pint a few hours before you go to bed = 4 pints

If you stick to our strength training program whilst drinking 4 pints of milk for 28 days and eating 3 healthy meals you will easily meet and exceed the maintenance calories your body needs to function (about 2500 for men) on this routine you will probably be eating in the range of 3000 - 3500 calories a day which is great for building muscle!

Cost and availability

Drinking 4 pints of milk a day for 28 days is very cost efficient. If you are from the UK you can pick up 2 x 4 pints of milk from Tesco for £2 (8 pints total) which if you did for 28 days would only cost you £28.

If you compared this against buying a protein supplement, you'd be looking to spend at least £30 for 30 scoops which most companies recommend you have at least 2 - 3 scoops a day, so about 10 day's worth.

And if you consider the nutritional value of milk: 1464 calories, 78g of protein, 110g of carbohydrates and 79g of fat. You are getting the same amount if not more but from a whole source and not in a powdered form.

Not only that, milk is readily available from your local corner shop or supermarket. No ordering online and paying for shipping fees.

Common questions and answers

Q. Do i need to drink full fat milk? I'm worried about putting on too much fat. Yes drink full fat milk, it contains the most calories, skimmed and semi-skimmed just won't cut it. If you train correctly you won't really notice any fat gain.

Q. Do i have to drink 4 pints every day?

A. This one is up to you, some people might not be able to drink that much milk in a day, they might not like milk or they can get bloated. If any of these apply to you, drink as much as you can manage, the more you drink the more calories you get.