Hacks To Get Cheaper Car Insurance  

Donn Saylor
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Road hazards, people texting behind the wheel, downright risky driving, and the law all make auto insurance essential - and expensive - so learning some hacks for how to get cheaper car insurance can potentially leave more gas money in your pocket. Hacks to get cheaper car insurance require a little legwork and research, but it's nothing illegal. Because auto insurance laws vary from state to state, some of these tips might not work where you live, but it's worth investigating each point.

Also, some car insurance companies are better than others at guiding customers through insurance terminology and offering support after an accident. So buckle up (always) and put a brake on escalating auto insurance costs with these rate-saving hints.

Choose A Less Popular Car

When you're first shopping for a vehicle, consider a less popular car. In-demand vehicles usually come with higher insurance rates. In addition, popular makes and models tend to be more vulnerable to theft. And if you're in an accident, getting replacement parts to repair your car might be more difficult.

For example, if lots of people own the same type of new vehicle, the parts to fix those cars could have a high demand - and price tag.

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Know The Minimum Legal Coverage For Your State

Different states have particular minimum legal coverage requirements. Insurance generally provides four types of coverage: bodily injury, property damage liability, personal injury, and underinsured or uninsured motorists. In many states, insurance companies only require bodily injury and property damage liability to meet the bare minimum.

Once you determine the minimum mandatory coverage needed to comply with state law, head online to one of the many insurance sites. Most sites allow you to build a custom plan - choose only the coverage you need, and you might save money while still meeting state standards.

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Select A Higher Deductible

Consider choosing a higher deductible when shopping for your car insurance plan. Though a higher deductible does mean an auto accident requires paying more out of pocket until you hit the dollar amount where your insurance kicks in, you will likely save on your initial premium costs.

High deductibles have another advantage, too. For example, if your deductible is $1,500 and you get in an accident that incurs $1,200 worth of damage, you will pay for it all out of pocket, so technically, you don't need to report the accident to your insurer. This will prevent your insurance rates from increasing after the accident.

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Go To Traffic School

You're probably thinking, "What? I don't need traffic school!" But traffic school isn't only for people who have had an auto accident. Most car insurance companies offer discounts to people who have completed a driver improvement course. In fact, several states even require insurers to offer these discounted rates.

Traffic school is relatively affordable, and you can take many courses online. It's a small time and money investment that could save you considerable money in the long run - and you might learn something useful.

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