How To Pay Back The Universe For Your Good Karma

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Ever wonder how to get good karma? Rest assured, it's not necessarily a matter of saving the entire world or starting your own charity. Creating good karma is just as much about the little things you do each and every day as it about large, heroic gestures. Here, you'll find some simple ways to pay back the universe for having your back and convince it to stay on your side going forward. 

These good karma tips are actually great habits to develop in general. Not only are they ways to pay back good karma, they're things that will make you happier and healthier in the long run. By adopting a kinder, more generous attitude in your day to day life, you may be surprised at how quickly you can elevate your mood, make more friends, and enrich your sense of purpose. If you want to thank the universe, follow these tips below. 

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    Call An Aged Or Lonely Friend Or Family Member

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    Offer Encouragement Every Chance You Get

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    Use Your Talents To Help Others

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    Sincerely Compliment One Person A Day

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    Make A Point To Really Listen When You Talk To Someone

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    Donate Your Time Or Money To A Good Cause

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    Pick Up And Throw Away Litter

  • 8

    Look For The Good In People Even When They Don't Make It Easy

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    Listen To Other's Ideas Even If You Don't Agree

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    Ask Someone What You Can Do To Make Their Day Easier

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    Refuse To Engage In Gossip

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    Clean Your Closet And Donate Your Old Clothes

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    Talk To Someone You See Sitting Alone

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    Strive To Always Be On Time

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    Do The Dishes Even If It's Not Your Turn

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    Always Err On the Side Of Positive Reinforcement

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    Volunteer To Walk Or Play With Animals At A Shelter

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    Leave Your Favorite Store Or Restaurant A Great Yelp Review

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    Compliment A Parent On Their Child

  • 20

    Loan Someone A Book You Know They'll Love

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    Give Your Leftovers To A Homeless Person

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    Pick Up The Tab

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    Pick Up Or Refold Clothing At A Retail Store

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    Bring Donuts Or Other Snacks For Everyone At Work

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    Write Down Three Things You're Grateful For Each Day