How You Can Achieve The Perfect Highlight Without Looking Like A Disco Ball

Highlighter is one of those beauty products that’s been around for years, and every beauty guru has a favorite glow-inducing beauty item. But be honest. Do you actually know how to apply highlighter?

This process isn't as simple as it sounds. Highlighting is a very strategic makeup technique that brightens and slims the face when done right, but it can make you look oily and overly-sparkly when done incorrectly. Luckily, there are some foolproof tips for using highlighter makeup.

You may have been making certain highlighter mistakes your whole life, but we can help get your glow to the perfect level of blinding.


  • First, Find The Right Highlighter For Your Skin Tone


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    The wrong shade of highlighter can take you from subtly glowing to glittery mess in seconds. There are ways to pick the right color, though.

    If you have pale skin, opt for a light shade that adds to your natural radiance. Anything in the pearlescent, champagne, or icy range will work well on you. You could even try a lavender-tinted highlighter! But avoid any products with dark or red undertones. They'll make you look like you got a bad fake tan.

    Those with medium and olive skin tones should look for peach or gold shades of highlighter to enhance natural warmth. A shade with a darker bronze base will give the effect of an all-over, sun-kissed glow, too. 

    If your skin tone is deep, steer clear of light highlighter shades that will wash you out. Instead, reach for formulas with rose gold or bronze undertones, and make sure you pick ones that are well-pigmented.

  • Avoid Looking Oily


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    It's easy to go overboard with highlight and end up looking a little too shiny. To avoid looking like you forgot to wash your face, apply highlighter after your foundation. This will give you a nice, solid base with which to work. You can even lightly apply your setting powder over highlighted areas, too.

  • Avoid This Highlighter Mistake So That Your Nose Won't Look Bigger


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    Some people apply highlighter down the bridge of the nose and on the tip, where light naturally hits, in order to slim the nose and overall face shape. But wait; if you have a large nose, this trick could actually work against you. Applying highlighter at the tip of a large nose draws more attention to that area, making the nose look bigger. Feel free to skip this makeup step entirely if you're trying to downplay your nose!

  • Get A Natural, Highlighted Look


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    Not ready to try a fully highlighted face? No problem. You can fake a more subtle highlight using only concealer. Just grab a concealer one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Blend it where you would normally apply highlighter - on the cheekbones, below the brow bones, down the bridge of the nose. You'll get naturally glowing skin without any shimmer in sight. 

  • Plump Your Lips By Highlighting Your Cupid's Bow

    Here's a lip plumping technique that requires no fillers, irritating glosses, or fancy contraptions. Add a dab of highlighter to your cupid's bow (that's the little dip above your upper lip), but be careful about how much you apply. Too much highlighter on your cupid's bow might make your lip look sweaty! The easiest way to avoid this is to use your fingertip to tap on the tiniest amount of shimmer.

  • Use A Subtle Highlighter To Make Your Eyes Pop


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    Strategically placed highlighter can make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and well rested. 

    To get the look, dab a small amount of highlighter in the inner corner of each eye. Opt for an icy-silver or white-gold shade that will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter. Then, blend a small amount of highlighter on the center of each eyelid to make eyes look bigger and more open. Finally, swipe a shimmery formula on your brow bone to help emphasize the arch of your brows and shape your face.