How To Get Rid Of Shadow People

Occult rituals gone wrong, negative energies in a home, or just plain bad luck - there are many reasons someone would find themselves looking for how to get rid of shadow people. The internet is rife with tips for exorcising shadow people and for good reason: they're terrifying. Some people try to bring shadow people into their lives and quickly come to regret it.

But can shadow people hurt you? Not a lot is known about these dark entities, but there have never been any firm reports of attacks or outright malicious activity. It's far more likely a shadow apparition will just sit and watch, often freaking out the people they're observing.

Whether you want to understand the being, set boundaries, or just get rid of them, there are many techniques to help mediate the shadow people in your life.

  • Ignoring Them Can Make Them Disappear But May Also Backfire

    In many cases, it's possible to remove a shadow person from the home by depriving them of what they feed on: attention. Most apparitions are just looking to be noticed, and if that proves too hard a task, they may move elsewhere.

    However, some apparitions may become irritated by the cold shoulder and act out in an attempt to regain your attention. Like a child throwing a tantrum, it becomes a game of chicken. Is it worth it to keep ignoring the shadow figure? Would giving in be encouraging bad behavior? These are questions one has to ask when dealing with these spectral apparitions.

  • Those With A Sense Of Humor Will Gladly Leave For A Little Levity

    It is often suggested shadow people feed on the fear of those they follow. Luckily, it is very difficult for someone to be scared while laughing. Try cracking some jokes about the apparition and turning into a source of joy - it may well cause the shadow person to leave in search of more fearful meals. At the very least, it will help make light of a terrifying situation, making it much more manageable. Who knows, it may even turn a negative haunting into a beneficial one.

  • Sometimes The Best Thing To Do Is Just Ask Them What They Want

    When shadow people won't leave a home, it may be because they want something. A great technique is to ask them what they want. There are several methods to communicate with a shadow figure, which include divination tools like tarot cards and spirit boards. If you don't have any occult paraphernalia lying around, you can simply ask them out loud. The trick is to open one's intuition and expect to receive a response in some of the most unpredictable ways. Once it's clear what the shadow person wants, it's up to the person communicating with them whether or not to acquiesce to their demands.

  • They Hate Clean, Happy, Environments

    Shadow entities are attracted to areas of clutter. When trying to banish them, it is incredibly useful to do so from an area that they find inhospitable; this means organizing and creating a bright, happy home.

    Of course, acceptable levels of clutter differ from person to person, and the most important thing is to be comfortable in the home. It can be assumed that if someone feels good in their home, shadow apparitions will feel the opposite.