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How To Get Rid Of Shadow People

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Occult rituals gone wrong, negative energies in a home, or just plain bad luck - there are many reasons someone would find themselves looking for how to get rid of shadow people. The internet is rife with tips for exorcising shadow people and for good reason: they're terrifying. Some people try to bring shadow people into their lives and quickly come to regret it.

But can shadow people hurt you? Not a lot is known about these dark entities, but there have never been any firm reports of attacks or outright malicious activity. It's far more likely a shadow apparition will just sit and watch, often freaking out the people they're observing.

Whether you want to understand the being, set boundaries, or just get rid of them, there are many techniques to help mediate the shadow people in your life.

  • Like Any Roommate, Setting Clear Boundaries May Do The Trick

    Sometimes the issue isn't that there's a shadow person in the house - it's that they're encroaching on spaces they shouldn't (hiding in the closet, hovering over beds, etc.). In these instances, it may be better to set some clear boundaries for them. Writing down a list of places and activities that are off limits and posting it in a private, yet easily accessible, area may help any shadow people understand the ground rules of the house and respect them.

    It's also important to set firm consequences for breaking the house rules. Mixing boundaries with other techniques like regular offerings or asking the shadow person what they want may give the best results, as it promotes a healthy, sustainable relationship.

  • Often, Asking Them Firmly To Leave Works

    Nobody says shadow people are unreasonable. Often, the best method of getting them to leave is to just tell them to do so. As with any house guest that overstays their welcome, it's often not clear they're not wanted. It can be very helpful to firmly, yet politely, tell them they are not wanted. This sets a boundary and claims the home for the home's true occupants.

  • Try To Be Your Best Self And Use Your Happiness To Push Them Out

    Shadow people are believed to be attracted to negative emotional energy, and often people can create this energy without even realizing it. If a shadow person is following someone around, it may help that person to take a look at their life and see what they could change to make themselves happier.

    Changing up clothing, redecorating, and committing to being more assertive and true to one's self are all great steps in reclaiming a life from shadow people. It may also be useful to seek the help of a person of faith or mental health care professional to help commit to positive changes. In the worst case scenario, these tactics help build up emotional strength for when a confrontation becomes necessary.

  • Offerings Are A Common Way To Keep Spirits On Your Side

    Photo: Charles Foster / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    If banishing a shadow person isn't the number one priority, it might serve a person cohabiting with one well to placate them with gifts. Offerings of food, song, or even just time spent thinking about them positively may be enough to keep the spirit from misbehaving.

    If things go well, it could even be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. While little is definitively known about shadow people, history reveres spirits as protectors of homes and people. Who couldn't use a little extra protection and luck in their life?