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All The Ways To Kill A Vampire: A Primer

The sharp fangs. The penchant for wearing capes. And, of course, the unquenchable thirst for blood. Vampires have been a folklore fixture for centuries, and methods for slaying vampires have been around just as long. These undead creatures of the night entice as much as they terrify - though you probably wouldn't be thrilled to discover your boyfriend is a vampire.

But let's say you do fall under the sway of a real-life vampire. It's crucial that you understand ways of freeing yourself from a vampire's curse, before the horrific figure drains you of your life force or turns you into a bloodsucker yourself. Beginners looking for advice on how to kill a vampire likely know the basics: scare it off with garlic, shoo it away with holy water, or take a wooden stake straight to its heart. But the best ways to get rid of a vampire can be as simple as exposing it to a ray of sunlight, or just waiting it out until it starves. With a few easy tricks, you can free yourself of the dark shadow lurking in your life.