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Here's How To Get Steve Harrington's Iconic Stranger Things Hairdo  

Rebecca High

Steve from Stranger Things is the reigning king of hair and style. Since he's luckily still around (which was kind of a TBD subject early on in season one), his very recognizable coif deserves a trend. Here's a video tutorial so you you can help make that viral.

A start-to-finish tutorial on how to achieve the perfect Steve Harrington hair is exactly what you've been needing ever since you finished binge-watching season two.

But before you dive right into this project, you'll wanna stock up on your aerosol hair spray (Farrah Fawcett, if available). You'll need plenty. You'll also need a hairdryer if you want this bad boy to stay in place after all your effort you've put into shaping it.

And make sure your hair is damp. Not wet, damp. Watch this video for more tricks of the trade and get your very own Stranger Things look.