15 Tips For Giving Better Presents Over The Holidays, According To Expert Gift-Givers

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Expert gift-givers: vote up the best tips for giving better gifts.

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy! But between chaotic travel plans, navigating family politics, and the pressures of gift-giving, things can get stressful pretty fast. Luckily, these holiday lovers are here to help you learn how to give great gifts. If you're suffering from gift-shopping anxiety, then read on to learn some useful gifting tips and vote up the best ones!

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    Take "It's The Thought That Counts" To Heart

    From Redditor u/presidium:

    The only mistake that I see people consistently making is that they select presents that are easy/convenient for the giver. To me, the phrase "it's the thought that counts" actually means prioritizing the value that the receiver will get from the better gift, over the giver's personal desire to just get something and be done with it already.

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    Buy Something They Would Never Get Themselves

    From Redditor u/alemonandapear:

    The best gifts I've given are always those that the person would never spend money on for themselves. With my close friends, I usually set a budget and then think about stuff that I love but wouldn't consider spending money on and decide if that fits for them. With my husband, I found out super early that the things he loves but wouldn't spend money on our experiences.

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    As Long As They Know You Care, That's All That Matters

    From Redditor u/Krky729:

    My dad always told me, it doesn't matter what will you give to that person the only thing that matters is that you gave them something, because they know that you did not forget about them and you care. Also when shopping for gifts for Christmas or so, you have to know what that person likes, his habits and so on, lot of people will mention they would want something in conversation, and lot of people brush it off.

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    Gift Certificate For A Nice Restaurant Are A Classy Option

    From Redditor u/surlypotato:

    Gift certificate for a nice restaurant in their area. A little bit of yelping or googling can find top places. Shows more care than a generic gift card. But still don’t need to know much about them or their interests.

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    Don't Follow The Rules

    From Redditor u/rhodante:

    What I do is I don't follow the rules.

    As in for birthdays and holidays and stuff I try to get something they need. Like I got my mom a new briefcase for her birthday (she's a lawyer) and I'm going to get my husband a new graphics card for his birthday (he is fried).

    But if I see something and it makes me think of someone and how much they'll love it and appreciate it, I get it and gift it to them for no other reason.

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    Think About Gifts Far In Advance

    From Redditor u/tatertotski:

    Think about gifts far in advance. If you have an idea, write it down in a note on your phone, even if the receiver's birthday or Christmas or whatever isn't for months.