Things You Can Do For Your S.O. To Help That Aren't Just Trying To "Fix It"

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If your partner is upset, nothing is more frustrating than hearing the words, "I don't want you to fix it." Of course you want to offer a concrete and doable solution that will quickly cure whatever ails your significant other. But being a supportive boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't mean being a life coach, a guru, or just a general advice giver. Oftentimes, it's simply being there - and loving someone - that truly counts. Here are some tips for supportive relationships that involve providing affection, distraction, and comfort. 

When your partner is scared, frustrated, sad, or disappointed, it's important for the proverbial "other half" to help them through. Don't feel like you need to be perfect or an expert in psychology to help. If you're wondering how to be supportive in a relationship, there are plenty of ways to do so that don't require a college degree or hours spent in the self-help section of the bookstore.

Start small. Be kind. Be soft. Let them vent and simply listen, repeat their words, and don't immediately offer advice. Do small things to cheer them up. Go on a walk together. Cook them a nice meal. Leave them a love note. If you're looking for some creative ways to be a supportive partner, read this list of all the little things that make a big impact. Vote up the best ways to help below! 

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    Check in with them, even if the situation seems to be over

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    Let them vent

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    Be patient while they're feeling down

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    Use a positive, gentle tone

  • 5

    Don't be judgmental

  • 6

    Assure them you've got their back

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    Hold their hand

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    Ask thoughtful follow up questions

  • 9

    Don't take it personally when they need space

  • 10

    Plan a relaxing evening at home together

  • 11

    Call out the positive ways in which they're handling the situation

  • 12

    Ask if they're looking for advice before offering it

  • 13

    If they're in the mood for lovin', get intimate

  • 14

    Invite them on a walk

  • 15

    Send them a sweet text message

  • 16

    Rub their shoulders

  • 17

    Remind them of all the reasons you love them

  • 18

    Surprise them with their favorite dessert

  • 19

    Write a love note and leave it somewhere they'll find it

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    Make their favorite comfort food

  • 21

    Be the big spoon

  • 22

    Say, "I love you."

  • 23

    Paraphrase what they say so they know you're listening

  • 24

    Give them a small gift, just because

  • 25

    Plan a fun date to look forward to