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15 Clever Ways To Hide Secret Stuff In Your Dorm Room

Campus living can be a tad invasive. You're out of your parents' house and ready to live free and kick it hard, but then an email pings into your inbox with the subject line "Room Inspections." What's a young adult with a pad full of contraband to do? Don't worry - there are plenty of ways to secretly keep stuff in your dorm room. You just have to think beyond a conspicuously over-stuffed underwear drawer.

With a few quick tips, it's easy to know where to put small secret things in your dorm. There are all kinds of nooks and crannies where you can store stuff, and no one will be any the wiser, not even your roommate. Maybe you don't want your roomie getting into your secret stash, and you're not the passive-aggressive note type. Perhaps you don't want anyone to make off with your college décor. Or maybe you just want to hide stuff as a prank. Whatever the reason, this list is your go-to guide on how to hide items at college.

  • Hide Drinks In Mouthwash Bottles

    Let's say you've got some alcohol. You just know your RA is going to take that away from you the first chance they get. But here's a way around that: put your tipple in a mouthwash bottle, and they'll just think you're all about oral hygiene. For extra points, add a drop or two of food coloring.

    Make sure you clean that mouthwash bottle out before trying this. You don't want your good-time drink to have a minty finish every time you take a swig, do you?

  • Conceal Your Contraband In A DVD Case

    A DVD case is the perfect storage spot for flatter items, like spare cash. You can hide items in plain sight this way, too - who's going to open every case on your shelf? All you have to remember is which DVD you put it in.

    You can even get extra fancy and stack together several cases to make a safe.

  • Use An Empty Sunscreen Bottle

    A bottle of sunscreen can protect more than just your skin from UV rays; now it can protect your secret stuff from prying eyes and confiscating hands. If you're got an empty bottle of sunscreen handy, wash it out, dry it, and then put anything you can fit in the top in there.

    When it's time to return to your stash, crack the bottle open and shake it out.

  • Hollow Out A Book

    This one's a little old school, but the hollowed out book is a classic. Just take your least favorite, most unappealing book, saw into it, and cut out a big square. Fill it with your prized possessions and pop it back on the shelf.