How To Identify Your Undertones

Identify your undertone, and you’ll never look blah again, seriously! Figuring out the tint beneath your skin is akin to selecting the makeup products (not to mention the clothes) that will help you glow-up. Like contouring, this part of the cosmetic process is oft overlooked.

You might think, "I’ve gone this long without knowing my undertone, and I’m fine." However, products that match your undertones can make a huge difference in your overall look. This list covers everything you need to know: the difference between your skin tone and your undertone, how to determine your undertone, and the best makeup for you (whether you’re cool, neutral, or warm).

  • There's A Difference Between Skin Tone And Undertone

    What is commonly referred to as skin tone is actually the skin's surface tone. Basically, it's how one would describe the color of his or her skin. The color might be fair, ivory, light, medium, tan, dark, etc. An undertone is the color that exists beneath the surface.

    Even if you have the exact skin tone as someone else, a particular shade of foundation could look amazing on you and meh on her. It all depends on undertones.

  • There Are Specific Ways To Categorize One's Undertone


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    An undertone can be in one of three categories: cool, neutral, or warm.

    Your undertone is considered cool if you have pink, red, or bluish undertones.Your undertone is considered warm if you have yellow, peachy, or golden undertones. Your undertone is considered neutral when you have a mix of both cool and warm colors underneath the skin's surface.

    Many people make the mistake of thinking fair skin always has cool undertones and dark skin always has warm undertones. That's not the case, however. Nicole Kidman is a great example of a fair complexion with warm undertones, and model Alex Wek proves that dark skin can have cool undertones.

  • You Can Check Your Veins To Determine Your Undertones

    It sounds weird, but your veins may be the key to unlocking the mystery of your undertones once and for all. Check your wrist. Do your veins appear to be more blue or more green?

    If they're blue, chances are you've got cool undertones. If they look green, don't worry. They're not actually green, it's just the blue color of your veins mixing with the yellow (warm) undertones in your skin! 

  • You Can Check Your Jewelry To Determine Your Undertone

    Next, check your jewelry box. Does it have more gold or more silver jewelry inside? Chances are, you're drawn to the metal that makes your skin glow, and that could be an indicator of your undertone.

    People who look best in silver jewelry tend to have cool undertones. Ladies and gents who go for gold often have warm undertones.