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How To Summon A Demon And Invite It Into Your Home

Updated 15 Oct 2019 97.2k views10 items

Everyone gets lonely. In the depths of the evening, when you’re all alone, have you ever wished for an imaginary friend to crawl out of your closet or from under your bed to keep you company? Have you ever thought that you would sell your soul to have a forever friend? Well, worry no more because you’re about to learn how to summon a demon so you’ll never be alone. Inviting a demon into your home isn’t as simple as inviting a bunch of demons to your apartment for a party and hoping for the best. It’s a process that’s a lot like summoning the Devil, it takes time. You have to buy things demons like, spruce up your place with demonic décor, and generally go about making a demon feel at home before they’ll appear.

Admittedly, demons are known to be evil, and if you start inviting demonic entities over to your pad for a game of Twister you could end up being possessed by a real nightmare creature, but that’s just the worst case scenario. The bright side of this is that if you end up drawing a demonic entity into your life you’ll have a peek into another universe, and you’ll be the gothest person on the block, hands down. Keep reading and learn the secrets of inviting demons into your home.

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