How To Summon A Demon And Invite It Into Your Home

Everyone gets lonely. In the depths of the evening, when you’re all alone, have you ever wished for an imaginary friend to crawl out of your closet or from under your bed to keep you company? Have you ever thought that you would sell your soul to have a forever friend? Well, worry no more because you’re about to learn how to summon a demon so you’ll never be alone. Inviting a demon into your home isn’t as simple as inviting a bunch of demons to your apartment for a party and hoping for the best. It’s a process that’s a lot like summoning the Devil, it takes time. You have to buy things demons like, spruce up your place with demonic décor, and generally go about making a demon feel at home before they’ll appear.

Admittedly, demons are known to be evil, and if you start inviting demonic entities over to your pad for a game of Twister you could end up being possessed by a real nightmare creature, but that’s just the worst case scenario. The bright side of this is that if you end up drawing a demonic entity into your life you’ll have a peek into another universe, and you’ll be the gothest person on the block, hands down. Keep reading and learn the secrets of inviting demons into your home.


  • You Have To Take This Seriously
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    You Have To Take This Seriously

    Before you summon a demon you have to ask yourself if you're serious about the entire scenario. You can't goof around with a malevolent force from Hell, worst case scenario you'll unleash something awful into the world and wreck your life, and on the opposite end of the spectrum you might just waste your time. Two courageous writers, Arianna Rebolini and Katie Heaney, said as much when they attempted to have sex with a ghost in 2016.

    They wrote, "Take it seriously. Be as goofy as you want, have tons of fun, but know that you really are inviting a real spirit from beyond in, and that you are opening a real portal into other realms." There's nothing wrong with bringing a demon into your life, but if you're going to do it you have to go all the way. 

  • Move Into A Home With A Dark Past
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    Move Into A Home With A Dark Past

    This is a big step in inviting a demon into your home, but it will take some leg work. According to Exemplore, the go-to website for paranormal information, if you live in a home that's played host to a violent death, be it a murder or suicide, then you're more likely to be able to coax a demon into hanging out.

    Outside of murdering someone in your home (DON'T DO THAT), the easiest way to find a place full of negative energy is by using a service like to research homes on the market. Most of these services have a fee connected to the search, but what's twelve to two hundred and fifty dollars for a lifetime of hanging out with the demon of your preference?

  • Get Into The Occult
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    Get Into The Occult

    Demons, creatures that dwell in the nether regions between our world and the next, are spooky to say the least, so if you want to get their attention you have to drape your home in the trappings of the occult. Exemplore says that if you dabble in the occult without protecting yourself you can "open a portal for negative things to come through."

    This is exactly what you want to happen. Buy some pentagram art and stick it up all over your apartment, light some black candles, keep copies of the Satanic Bible in every room, go nuts with your occult practice. The more dark energy you can attract the easier it should be to bring a demon into your place. 

  • Start Using A Ouija Board
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    Start Using A Ouija Board

    If you've looked up any information about Ouija boards you've probably come across a demon called "Zozo," a creature that's been reported to appear during Ouija sessions and drive people to madness. Thoughtco says that Zozo has been showing up since 1906 to creep people out, so how do you entice the demon with two Zs?

    The folks over at The Psychic Well say that you shouldn't use a Ouija board when you're tired, in a bad mood, or trying to get something for your own personal gain. Theoretically, if you go into a Ouija session with the negative intention of talking to a demon, you should be able to contact something that may or may not be Zozo.