How To Keep Your Uber Rating Up As A Passenger, According To The Drivers

Nearly everyone has a ride-sharing app on their phone. Passengers value the ability to get around without going through the hassle of hailing a taxi, and ride-share drivers like being able to work as independent contractors - they typically pick their own hours and work schedules. Indeed, services like Uber and Lyft make things easier for a lot of people, but there are rules for each service that need to be respected. If not, passengers can rate drivers and vice-versa, and low scores can get either party booted from the app. 

Uber drivers on Reddit do offer curious passengers tips for keeping their ratings high. You might not attain that all-elusive 5.0 score, but if you adhere to certain guidelines - like wearing deodorant and being polite - you can avoid becoming a ride-share horror story and make sure no driver ever cancels on you for having a low score.