Signs Someone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back

Are you someone who often says to a friend, "I'm paranoid that people are talking about me?" So many of us are and there is a good chance you'll get a handful of knowledge from this list of ways to know if someone is talking about you. Throughout our lives, from elementary school to the nursing home, we want to know how to know if people are talking about us. Though it is hard to ever be 100% positive about being the center of gossip, this list compiles the best ways to find out if somebody is talking about you behind your back.

Use this list as your guide to gossip. It is full of helpful tips and ways to get paranoid people to rest assured they have reason to calm down. If people aren't exhibiting these signs, then there's a good chance you are just being paranoid that people are talking about you for no good reason! And if your friends are talking smack about you, are they really your friends?

This list shows you how to know if people are talking about you and you will not regret checking it out. Find out how to catch 'em with this ultimate ranking of ways to know people are gossiping about you behind your back and you'll never have to ask "is someone talking smack about me?" ever again!

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    Group Mind

    Sadly, gossip infiltrates groups and spreads like a virus. It makes people uneasy and it throws off the energy among friends and family alike. People who are the subject of gossip will often know it, because there seems to be a group mentality and they are, now more than ever, feeling on the outside of something.
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    Hot and Cold

    The way to know if people are talking about you is by studying who they are. This is especially true of the way they have been particularly acting towards you - and acting towards you lately. If someone is being hot and cold, on and off, friendly and unfriendly with you, this could speak to the fact that they're talking behind your back.
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    Awkward Silence

    Awkward silences arise for various and legitimate reasons. Perhaps people have just run out of things to say or maybe there's sexual tension. However, one popular reason for an awkward silence is that someone has been talking negatively about you. This is particularly the case if someone has just been spreading rumors about you before you arrived.
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    You're on the Reverse End

    As the saying goes, "Those who gossip with you, gossip without you." If you are someone who is paranoid that people are talking about you, listen close for someone else's name to pop up. There's a solid chance your friends who really enjoy talking about other friends secretly are doing so about you when you are not around.