15 People Reveal How They Found Out They Were Being Cheated On

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People who dated cheaters: vote up the worst ways to discover that your partner is unfaithful.

You might think wild cheating stories happen only in movies and on TV, but reality often surpasses fiction. These people and their cheating stories are living proof of that.

If you're curious about how people found out they were being cheated on, keep reading.

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    They Noticed The Length Of His Hair In A Picture

    From Redditor u/convert1124:

    So, we break up, he starts dating another girl. No biggie, I don't mind at all. She was one of my friends from high school and I introduced the two. Well, he always had long, shaggy hair, and before we broke up, he got it cut. The new girlfriend makes her Facebook cover a photo of them kissing. Still don't mind; do what you want with your own damn Facebook - I don't give a crap. I scroll past it again later that day, and something just seemed off. So, I look at it for a couple of seconds and realized his hair was long in the picture. There was no way he wasn't cheating on me because I introduced them AFTER we had started going out. Man, was I pissed off and sad.

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    Their Best Friend Texted Them And Told Them Everything

    From Redditor u/runningandguitars:

    I was 21 and dating a 30-year-old. I had met him on [New Year's Eve] and was super happy to have finally met a good guy. My best friend at the time started liking his best friend and they ended up dating too. This was awesome; we were all friends and always spending time together.

    About three months into the relationship, I called my best friend to hang out and there was no response. I tried again in the evening, and still, the same. We had plans to hang out, so I kind of got worried. It had been snowing and I was hoping she wasn't stuck on the road or anything. I called her work to see if she had been in that day. They said she was scheduled but never made it in. That got me even more worried. Since I don't drive, I had a friend drive me to her house, and upon arrival, I noticed her car in the driveway. I knocked, but no one was home. This confused me because she lived in the middle of nowhere and needs to use her car to get anywhere. I got more and more worried and texted my boyfriend in hopes he or his friend had heard from her. He told me she was probably fine and I was overreacting. Maybe I was overreacting, but I told him if I hadn't heard from her by the next morning, that I would call the cops.

    A few hours later she texts me with this exact quote: "Why did you call my work? Do you know how bad that looks? By the way, I'm not missing. I've just been ignoring you. Oh, and I'm out of town with your boyfriend, at his cabin. Let's just say he's not your boyfriend anymore."

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    They Snuck Onto Her Social Media

    From Redditor u/grapplerman:

    Well... I maybe kinda found out by sneaking into her Facebook and checking messages. Shady?... maybe. But hey, I'm no longer getting cheated on haha.

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    Something Didn't Feel Right So They Unlocked Her Phone

    From Redditor u/Darkdragoonlord:

    Got the feeling something was wrong. Things weren't great the two months leading up to it, but I had just lost my grandfather and I thought my grumpy attitude was being reflected at me.

    Then one day things seemed to shift. Got a text at 1 am saying she would need me to pick her up from work the next day (I work nights, her days). Immediately I thought something was off and started asking questions. She gave me some story about how she was stuck at a friend's party because he was sobbing over some girl and wanted a shoulder to cry on (they were friends prior to my meeting her, and to clarify this is not the guy she cheated with). They worked together so he was supposedly gonna bring her to work in the AM. I knew she was out that night so the whole story wasn't completely out in... left field. Just didn't sit well.

    I pick her up the next day and she knew I was upset. I confronted her and she kinda laughed and said, "Trust me, our lives aren't that exciting."

    The following days she was distant. Said she was sick. I didn't get a "day" off till three days later. I was lounging around and she was still keeping distance. The big tipper was that her phone was blowing up and she was keeping it fairly guarded, two things that weren't the norm.

    That nagging thought turned into a molten ball of lead in my gut.

    Once she left to go upstairs to get laundry I noticed the phone was there. I had to know. Stupid emotion got the best of me. I hate myself for doing it, but I'm glad I did. I unlocked the phone and it opened to a conversation with some guy; he was saying he had some booze and trying to get her over. I scrolled up just to see the part dated days earlier when they were talking about getting a hotel room (the night she was supposed to be at that party).

    I lost it. We fought for days. I moved back in with my dad. I stupidly tried to work it out with her, but I found out months later that she was still seeing the dude and refused to tell me about it.

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    They Received A Text Meant For The Other Man

    From Redditor u/R0ot2U:

    She texts me instead of him with a sexy picture and a note saying, "See you tonight." I was a good distance away and... no way I was meeting her that night or week for that matter.

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    They Read Through His Internet History

    From Redditor u/klud824:

    He forgot to delete his browsing history. Craigslist casual encounters. Classy.

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