The Best Ways to Make Your Own DIY Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are a blessed indulgence. The fizz and fragrance help us relax and feel pampered. But they can also be expensive. You may have wondered how to make bath bombs yourself to keep your bath time budget from overflowing like an unwatched tub.

There are so many DIY bath bomb recipes. Here, you'll learn how to make Lush bath bombs, how to make homemade bath bombs without citric acid, and even how to make bath bombs with rings in them! With so many ways to make a bath bomb, there's a how-to for every budget and skill level. Even if your first attempts turn out a little less beautiful than store bought bath bombs, there will be no evidence once they turn your bathtub into a paradise.

It's time to get crafty! Dip into this list of DIY bath bombs and upvote the recipes that make a great bath time reward! 

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    Geode Bath Bombs

    A fabulous mix of bath salt melt and bath bomb, these gorgeous bath bombs are surprisingly easy to make and look just like a sparkling geode! The instructions at The Makeup Dummy are easy to follow, walking you through the steps to make your very own cunningly crystaline bath bomb. Dare we say these bath bombs rock?

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    Bath Bomb With Ring Inside

    One of the fanciest bath bombs are the kind with jewelry inside, but fancy doesn't have to mean hard to do! The simple instructions at Beauty Crafter explain how to DIY your own bath bombs with rings inside! Jewelry bath bombs make great gifts, but are just as good a treat for yourself, especially with this recipe rich in moisturizing oils.

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    Natural Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid

    Citric acid is one of the key ingredients in making a bath bomb fizz. But if you're allergic to citric acid, or just don't have any on hand, don't fret! Over at Naturally Handcrafted are instructions on making bath bombs with cream of tartar instead of citric acid. It's an easy bath bomb recipe, with the only trick being you've got to pack citric acid-free bath bombs a little tighter in the mold.

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    Lush Big Blue Look-Alike

    The captivating cerulean of Lush's Big Blue bath bomb is a tropical treat, especially since it's packed full of sea salt and seaweed. If you've been wanting to make your own Big Blue Lush bath bomb, the instructions at SavyNaturalista walk you thorough what you need to make your own copycat. The accompanying video makes it easy to see the steps involved, which is great for folks who are visual learners.

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    Easy Bath Bombs With Kitchen Ingredients

    These bath bombs made from only household ingredients (let's be honest, not all of us have cream of tartar lying around) are easy to make and the instructions over at Bustle include helpful gifs to walk you through the steps. They have some good suggestions for household items to use as molds too, like novelty cupcake pans or even just a bowl! Using food coloring to tint the bath bombs and eyeshadow to add sparkle, they're a good last minute craft you can make with the things you have on hand.

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    Easy Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid

    This bath bomb recipe from She Knows not only walks you through how to make a bath bomb in six easy steps, but shows you how to make a bath bomb without citric acid! It is also a great resource if you want to make bath bombs without molds, explaining how to use half an empty fillable ornament instead!

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