WATCH How To Make Real Butterbeer At Home  

Mick Jacobs

One of the Wizarding world's most famous treats, butterbeer, has entranced characters and readers alike with its sweet, creamy texture and taste. Now, you have the chance to make it for yourself. But you'll have to watch the video below to unlock JK Rowling's secret recipe for the favored beverage of witches and wizards the world over.

You heard correctly: a butterbeer recipe exists, and it's super easy to follow. Now your dreams of turning up in Hogsmeade can finally feel like a reality.

To make a butterbeer requires only a few ingredients, all thoroughly mixed together for an undeniably good time. When you get down to the bare necessities, you really only need alcohol, sugar, and a bit of seasoning if you're fancy.

You may not be the Boy Who Lived, but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on the tastiest drink a Muggle or Nomaj has ever tasted. So show off your potion-making skills with the butterbeer recipe outlined in the snazzy video below.