Total Nerd Get In The Star Wars Spirit With This Delicious Bantha Milk Cocktail  

Mick Jacobs

Anyone familiar with Star Wars knows about Luke Skywalker's classic cocktail: blue milk or "bantha milk." Now for the first time ever, you can enjoy this drink for yourself using the recipe in the video below.

The bantha species, native to Tatooine, produce a ton of different food products, bantha milk being one of them. In the Star Wars universe, it makes for a popular beverage as well as ingredient in ice cream and yogurt.

To make some bantha milk for yourself, you need not venture to a galaxy far, far away. Instead, just get yourself a few different ingredients you can find at your local grocery and liquor stores. This is an adult-only beverage, as a heads up.

When the ingredients are assembled, all you need to do is shake them, 007 style. Watch the video below to learn how to make some blue milk for your next Star Wars viewing party.