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Liquor Cocktails 101: A Guide to Making Your Own Drinks  

Ryan Kaiser
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Ever wanted to be an expert bartender? Well, here's your chance to wow your friends with your skills as a drink maker, or mixologist, if you will. The eclectic items on this list will provide you the proper foundation to be, at minimum, a decent barkeep. When hosting a party, having these bartending skills can make you a hero among your friends, and more importantly, they'll help you save a few bucks in hiring someone to pour drinks and may even earn you tip money. Pretty wicked, eh? These drinks are relatively easy to make and the best way to track your progress is to taste the drinks yourself before giving them to others.

If you want a class in Bartending 101, these videos will be a nice away to for you to learn without plunking down money for an official class. Want to know how to make cocktails that everyone will like? This list includes your traditional cocktails like Rob Roys, Cosmopolitans, and Martinis, but there are other, more exotic drinks as well. Remember, this should be for all viewers 21 and above, and of course, drink responsibly. 


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Savory Cocktail

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Breakfast Margarita

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