The Funniest, Sneakiest Ways to Mess with Someone's Phone

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Remember the good ol' days before caller ID, when you and your friends thought it was hilarious to call stores and ask whether they had Prince Albert in a can? (If yes: "Then you better let him out!") Well these days, the high-tech world requires a bit more stealth. But if you really want to mess someone's smartphone, it’s far from impossible. In fact, we’ve gathered a collection of some of the most diabolical ways to prank, mess with, and hack your friends' phones.

Got a prankster friend who you'd love to give a taste of his own medicine? Or an overly serious coworker you’d love to see just totally freak out for once? Well if so, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a list of hilarious and easy smartphone pranks that anyone can pull off. So whether you’re looking to totally embarrass your friend with fart noises or for a simple but brilliant way to make them think they just got the most awkward text ever from their mom, you'll find it.

In no time, you'll be able to hack phones with ease. But remember, if you mess with people too much, they may just find this list and use these tricks to get back at you. You've been warned. Mess with phones at your own (totally worth it) risk.

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    Sneak into Their Shortcuts and Transform How Common Text Phrases Appear

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    Insert a "Typing" Icon into a Conversation, Then Never Finish It

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    Torment Grammar Lovers by Tweaking Their Auto-Correct

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    Introduce Them to the Mind Numbing Joys of CatFacts

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    Change Their Contacts to Characters from Your Favorite Movie

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    Change Your Contact Name to "Mom" and Send Them Awkward Texts

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