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How To Open A Portal To Another Dimension – And Then Close It Before It's Too Late

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Portals supposedly offer gateways to realms outside of this dimension and can be discovered naturally or opened through the performance of rituals. Those brave enough to face the danger of accessing alternate universes must remember failure to properly open and close these ethereal gateways often constitutes a matter of life and death. Mysterious disappearances around the world, where individuals vanished into thin air, bolster the argument for the existence of portals - and the need for safety when interacting with them.

Several rituals exist to teach risk-takers how to open a portal to another dimension. Just because you can do it, though, does not mean you should. Take great care in following the instructions correctly, and always close the portal once you're finished. Otherwise, who knows what evil may slip into this earthly realm?

  • Use Enchantment With A Special Vessel To Open Portals More Easily

    Along with Focus and Invocation, Enchantment offers another way to create a doorway between the Earthen Realm and the Spiritual and Astral Realms. Vessels are objects with the ability to open and close a portal for the user. In this ritual, you must be relaxed, and the vessel needs to be near. Close your eyes and ask for the portal open itself. 

    When the exploration ends, simply opening your eyes signals to the vessel it is time to seal the gate behind you. When placed near your bed, certain vessels facilitate astral projection while you sleep.

  • You Can Connect To The Spiritual Realm On Three Levels

    Level One connection with the Spiritual Realm involves a brief visit that begins and ends with a thought about a deceased loved one. A portal briefly opens to give you a look at the person you lost and closes itself just as quickly.

    Level Two takes a bit more effort, calling for relaxation and the invitation of entities to interact with you. As the spirits arrive, they leave the portal open and allow you to enter. Don't worry - the spirits will be benevolent.

    Level Three requires requesting a spirit to accompany you into their realm. Using the spirit's existing attachment to you or possessing their vessel to summon them is the key to this process.

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    Mirrors Can Act As Portals Themselves

    Naturally occurring gates to other realms may appear near energy vortexes, but many spiritual practitioners also use mirrors to create portals. Many rituals utilize a mirror to allow entities to cross into the Earthen Realm for short periods of time.

    One example is the Queen of Fallen Blood ritual, as described by Redditor /u/mrlego611. During this rite, a person uses a mirror to locate and contact a spirit in its realm. The mirror acts as the gate between the summoner and the entity, creating a portal that must be immediately destroyed or closed if things begin going badly. The closing ritual must always follow the end of the ritual to prevent the spirit crossing into the Earthen Realm.

  • Aid Astral Projection With A Moon Portal

    Astral projection occurs when your body sends your soul to travel into different dimensions while you sleep or meditate. If you've ever awoken and felt like your body just floated towards the ceiling, you likely returned from a nocturnal jaunt. Some people accomplish this feat naturally, while others require assistance from a Moon Portal.

    To create a Moon Portal, draw a body of water on the bottom of a piece of paper. Above the water and centered on the page, add the moon - full works best. Add "a luminous way" from the moon to the water in white. Above the water but below the moon, create a black tower on the left and a white one on the right. Light a candle behind you and concentrate on the Moon Gate while stating or thinking your desire to projectastrally. Blow out the candle and go to bed to experience the out-of-body phenomenon.