How To Open A Portal To Another Dimension – And Then Close It Before It's Too Late

Portals supposedly offer gateways to realms outside of this dimension and can be discovered naturally or opened through the performance of rituals. Those brave enough to face the danger of accessing alternate universes must remember failure to properly open and close these ethereal gateways often constitutes a matter of life and death. Mysterious disappearances around the world, where individuals vanished into thin air, bolster the argument for the existence of portals - and the need for safety when interacting with them.

Several rituals exist to teach risk-takers how to open a portal to another dimension. Just because you can do it, though, does not mean you should. Take great care in following the instructions correctly, and always close the portal once you're finished. Otherwise, who knows what evil may slip into this earthly realm?

  • Decide On Your Realm: Earthen, Astral, Or Spiritual

    Portals provide access to three different types of realms: Earthen, Astral, and Spiritual. The Earthen Realm encompasses Earth and the doorways to the other realms. Where you choose to go depends on what type of experience you want or entity you wish to meet on your journey.

    The Astral Realm, or the heavens, provides a home to the immortals. It exudes ethereal energies and possesses the most power and possibility of the three realms. It's less a place and more a feeling of comfort and joy.

    Every human passes through the Spiritual Realm on their way to the afterlife. Energy, power, and a feeling of tranquility permeate this realm. Depending on a person's lifestyle or state of mind, they may exist in both the Earthen and Spiritual Realms simultaneously.

  • Remember To Offer Opening And Closing Prayers

    A portal acts as an entryway to another dimension. As such, it's imperative to offer an opening and closing prayer whenever interacting with one. Skipping these prayers can leave you susceptible to unknown entities, who might hitch a ride on you or slip through the portal into the Earthen Realm.

    The opening prayer begins with relaxation attained through deep breathing and a grounding of your energy to help with your journey. The prayer should include a request for assistance with your travel through the portal, protection from harm, and help to find what you seek. The closing prayers involve giving thanks for receiving each of the above things. Even if you failed to secure them all, thanks must be given. 

  • Different Energy Vortexes Power Positive Or Negative Portals

    Energy vortexes are places on Earth with odd temperatures, different colors, or other noticeable variations from the areas around them. They hold together the third- and fourth-dimensional planes that connect to form the doors to other dimensions or realms. The type of energy flowing from the vortex and its direction influences the kind of portal created.

    When the energy flows up and out of the Earth, it constitutes a positive portal. Individuals using these doorways experience boosts to spirituality and an overall uplifting feeling.

    When the energy burrows itself down into the Earth, it creates a negative portal. This can assist in the healing of a person, but anyone unprepared to deal with the heavier feeling of this portal may react in a volatile manner.

  • Use Invocation Or Focus When Interacting With Portals

    Traveling to the Spiritual or Astral realms happens through the techniques of Invocation or Focus. Invocation uses an incantation to coax the portal into being. While relaxing and focusing on a spot of your chosen color, speak or think the words that denote your intentions. Keep repeating the phrase until the spot of color begins to get larger and larger, forming a portal to the other realm. 

    Focus provides a quicker way to summon a gateway to a chosen realm, though it also involves repetition and concentration on a colored orb. Instead of a long section of text, speak or think the words "Open portal to Astral/Spiritual Realm" until the doorway makes itself known.