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18 People Who Quit Their Jobs in the Best Way Possible

A list of some of the most memorable ways employees have ever quit their jobs. Have you ever spent a bad day at work fantasizing of all the clever, confrontational, and classic ways to say "take this job and shove it?" Have you ever daydreamed about the look on your boss’s face if only you could deliver the quitting speech of your dreams? Well get ready to live vicariously through a group of folks who actually did what most disgruntled workers only dream of.

Whether they spelled it out in an incendiary public announcement or hired a full band to accompany their speech, each of these employees reached their breaking point and embraced it. We’ve got resignation letters written on cakes, farewells built into video games, and even musical performances by folks who said farewell with flair. Not every ex-employee you’ll see here was so polite however.

You may even be looking for your own ideas on how to quit your job. You won’t be disappointed as you witness some of the best resignations ever carried out by workers who've had enough. The vast majority of these are probably bad ideas in practice, but they're great ideas in theory, so vote for the most outrageous mic-dropping employment exit.

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    Living Up To Inconsistency

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    This Tech Guy Showed The Bosses The Error Of Their Ways

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    Literally The Sweetest Resignation Letter Ever

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    When Is A BRB Sign Not A BRB Sign?

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