The Best Ways to Remove Labels or Stickers from Glass

Guh, there's nothing more annoying than ripping a sticker off of a bottle you want to re-use and having to deal with that leftover sticky gunk. You could try rubbing it away with your fingers, but chances are you'll give up before you're successful. Fortunately, this list is here to help! All you need to do is read on to find out how to remove stickers from glass, plastic, and other surfaces.

You try so hard to be careful by slowly lifting off those papery stickers so that you won't have to deal with the mess they leave behind. But seriously, it's almost impossible to remove them perfectly! For some reason they've made those stickers so there is always a little bit of adhesive left behind. Luckily, there are household and over the counter products you can use to remove labels and stickers from glass and packaging.

This how to remove sticky stuff includes using peanut butter, nail polish remover, hot water, Goo Gone, and even vodka (if you're okay sacrificing it) to remove labels and stickers. Basically you want to loosen the adhesive before you rip it off so there's nothing left behind. But even if there is some leftover "stick," there are plenty of things you can use to remove it.

So before you get fed up and give up on ever getting rid of that sticker, label, or the adhesive left behind, check out the best ways to remove labels and stickers below and upvote the methods that work the best for you!