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Clever Ways To Get Away With Napping At Work

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Do you get enough sleep? Probably not - especially if you have a job that requires a long commute to and from work every day. If you’re tuckered out from life, the only real way to stay productive and not become a total mess is to sneak a nap in while you’re supposed to be working. It might seem like a bad idea to sleep at your office, but if you’re tired at work, there’s no way that you’re doing a good job. And coffee can only help you stay awake for so long. Rather than investing in gross energy drinks or going to sleep as soon as you get home, you need to do the smart thing and take a nap at work.

If you’re worried about getting caught dozing on the job, relax. This list is going to teach you exactly how to sleep without anyone noticing. And there are even a few methods on here that will walk you through how to keep your job even if someone does catch you passed out at your desk. There’s no way to be the best possible version of yourself at the office if you’re dead tired, so you need to learn how to sleep at work.

Answer this question honestly: How much work do you do every day? If you’re like most people, you only spend a couple of hours out of your day getting real work done, so what’s the harm in taking a nap while your coworkers are checking Facebook and goofing off on the DL?

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    Crash In A Bathroom Stall

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    If you're not worried about hygiene, then you should look into sleeping in a bathroom stall. The best way to do this is to practice sleeping upright so that when people come into the bathroom, they'll think you're busy going to the bathroom. It might also suit you well to complain about a stomach ache before you take your bathroom nap. 

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    Use Your Lunch Break To Catch Some 'Zs

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    FACT: No one can tell you what to do on your lunch break. It's your lunch break. To make sure you make the most of the 30 minutes to an hour that you have on your own, eat your lunch at your desk before you've technically taken a break and then crash out while all of the other suckers in your office are wasting their time eating in the break room. 

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    Make "Work" Your Home

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    The easiest way to catch an hour or two of sleep while you're on the job is to not be on the job at all and work from home. Even if you can't stay in your house or apartment every day, the few precious work days that you do get to work on the couch can be supplemented with a couple of extra hours of sleep in the middle of the day. The best bet on this method is to sleep in during the extra hour that everyone is spending on their drive to work. 

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    Pretend That You're Praying

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    Religion is a touchy subject in the office. No one wants to take a trip to HR because they said something rude to a person about the deity of their choosing. All you have to do is put your head into your hands when you nap and train yourself to say "Amen" or whatever the appropriate ending is for your prayer when you wake up. The side effect of this method is that you'll probably start saying "Amen" whenever you wake up in the morning, and this could ruin your relationship. 

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