How To Summon A Spirit Animal: A Step By Step Guide

By now, you've probably heard everyone from your friends to your boss to your favorite celebs talking about discovering their spirit animals. You've probably even seen T-shirts reading "Whiskey is my spirit animal,"  or maybe you've taken a quiz in hopes of determining what your spirit animal might be. This current trend, stemming from Native American culture and then adopted by various Wiccan groups in the 1990s, has catapulted into something that is often seen as funny or ironic, as a way to let people know who or what we appreciate in this life by declaring it as our own.

In many traditions and cultures, spirit animals - AKA familiars - can be spiritually or physically summoned. These totem animals act as guides, helping individuals navigate their lives. By summoning a spirit animal, you can more effectively harness their  - and your own -  innate power, strengthening the connection you share and providing insights the nature of the self, the universe, and the great beyond.